• Improving baths O-Panto sanatorium
    Improving baths O-Panto sanatorium Improving baths O-Panto sanatorium

Improving baths O-Panto sanatorium are simple and convenient in use. They are effective natural remedy for the help to the organism weakened by radiculitis and diseases of joints, atherosclerosis and physical fatigue, heart troubles and many other diseases. They rejuvenate an organism, normalize arterial blood pressure, perfectly strengthen nervous system, include protective forces of an organism, counteract to destructive influence of stresses and unfavorable ecology, render fine cosmetic effect on skin. The effect of reception of baths has the increasing nature of action and reaches a maximum on 8-10 bath.

The set from ten bottles on the full improving course expected reception of ten baths is included in the package together with the detailed instruction. In each bottle — the concentrated environmentally friendly natural substance capable to help you to get rid of diseases and to save the most important in this life — health.

The efficiency of full improving course is 87%.

Recommendations for application:

  • Diseases of a neurologic profile: resulted from the postponed injuries, infectious diseases; polyneuritis; osteochondrosis; asthenic syndrome; the functional vegetative disorders; somatoform dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system;
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: inflammatory and degenerate character;
  • Diseases of a cardiological profile: neurocirculator dystonia, boundary arterial hypertension, hypertension of the I-II stage, coronary heart disease, stenocardia;
  • Diseases of a therapeutic profile: violations of fatty and carbohydrate exchange, stomach ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, ulcer colitis, syndrome of the angry gut;
  • Asteno-vegetative violations which arose as: consequences of earlier postponed infectious diseases, statuses after surgical interferences, consequences of earlier postponed injuries, consequences of the "active" pharmacological treatment, a consequence of physical and mental activities at healthy faces, manifestations of a climacteric syndrome.

Set contents: the full improving course expected reception of 10 baths, the detailed instruction.

Composition: pantohematogen dry C, natural salt.

Contraindications: the general for a balneology (the feverish statuses, catarrhal diseases proceeding in case of high temperature, a cachexia — the general exhaustion of an organism in case of malignant tumors, mental diseases, convulsive attacks in case of epilepsy, brain injuries, tuberculosis, all diseases of blood, except anemia). In case of a hypertension 3 stages reception of baths is possible on health — with intervals of 1-2 days.

Method of application: see the instruction in each package.

Categories: elevated pressure, an antler healing, lowering of level of sugar, cholesterol lowering, sport and active lifestyle, a stress and its consequences, energy and vital force, the musculoskeletal system, heart and tanks, rejuvenation and the active longevity, man health, immunity, women health.

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Improving baths O-Panto sanatorium

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