• Pantohematogen mask "Chudovit for fat skin"
    Pantohematogen mask "Chudovit for fat skin" Pantohematogen mask "Chudovit for fat skin"


Pantohematogen mask "Chudovit for fat skin" has soft antiinflammatory formula with pantohematogen, extracts of Calendulae and sage effectively controls work of sebaceous glands, matts and narrows pores. Natural ingredients help to take out the boring caused by dermal rashes. Efficiency is proved clinically: humidity of a skin after a 10-day course is enlarged by 42%.

Structure: Pantohematogen dry With, Calendulae extract, sage extract.

Route of administration:

1. Open one capsule of an agent, pour out its contents in small pure dry capacity, for example, in a vial from under any lotion, and fill in 30-50 ml of warm boiled water. Water temperature shouldn't exceed 37-38 degrees of C. Close a vial and shake carefully 1-2 min. that solution became whenever possible uniform. Put to the cool place. In 2-3 hours ready solution can be filtered through a gauze and use for holding procedures.

2. The received solution needs to be stored in the cool place (best of all in a refrigeration cabinet) at a temperature of +1+2 degrees of C. Attention! A period of storage of the received biologically active solution — no more than 24 hours. After the specified term solution begins to lose the biological activity.

3. The received ready solution is at the same time excellent tonic, nutritious and moistening agent. Use it as follows:

As tonic: Clean a face from cosmetics and pollution, wash, blot a face with a towel and let it dry. Using a cottonous wadded disk, wipe a face with the received solution. Repeat the procedure several times during the day.

As nutritious mask compress: Moisten a thin cotton napkin in the received solution, slightly wring out and put on a clean dry face for 15-20 minutes. Repeat the procedure daily or every other day.

As a part of the full intensive rejuvenating course — 10 capsules for holding 10 procedures.

At diseases: plant extracts, rejuvenascence and active longevity, skin, hair and fingernails.

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Pantohematogen mask "Chudovit for fat skin"

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