• Panta in honey "Altamar"
    Panta in honey "Altamar" Panta in honey "Altamar"

Biologically active agents which are contained in antlers of marals have the strengthening effect on an organism, increase immunity, promotes improvement of a metabolism, stimulate the main vital processes, prevent a syndrome of chronic fatigue and refatigability. Help at illnesses of a cardiovascular, genesial, nervous systems, musculoskeletal functions of the person. At regular use of panta in honey "Altamar" work of internals is normalized, organism resilience increases, protective mechanisms are activated, aging processes are slowed down, attentiveness and memory become aggravated, the potency and a libido in general raises. Besides the medicinal and preventive properties the product has excellent taste.

Weight 230 g.

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Panta in honey "Altamar"

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