• Pantohematogen antler native

"Pantohematogen antler native" – the natural product made of a native blood of the Altai maral antlers with addition of a native concentrate of a red root.

The antler blood of the Altai maral possesses the intensive restoring, tonic and antiinflammatory operation.

The concentrate of a red root – contains the active components referred on restoration of functions of a reproductive system, prevention of inflammatory, bacterial, virus processes, impotencies, hormonal disturbances, restoration of mental and physical activity and the prevention of changes of a prostate.

The native complex of an antler blood and red root contains a unique complex of biologically active agents which has effective effect on disturbances:

— at an impotency;

— at degenerative changes of a prostate;

— at disturbance of an emiction;

— at disturbance of a spermatogenesis;

— at inflammatory processes of organs of genitourinary system for men and women;

— at sterility;

— at disturbance of formation of Testosteron-Depotum at men;

— at climacteric disorders;

— at disturbance of functions and conditions of organs of endocrine system (a pituitary body, a thyroid gland, a cortex of adrenals, ovaries or ovaries);

— at the general delicacy;

— at an iron deficiency anemia;

— at the reduced immunity;

— at chronic fatigue, depressions;

— at disturbance of metabolic processes (the increased content of Saccharum in a blood, excess body weight).

Ingrediyentny structure: blood of the Altai maral antlers, native concentrate of a red root, vitamin C.

References on use: about 1 tsp (2.5 ml) 3 times a day is recommended to accept inside. Reception duration – 30 days. 4 courses a year are recommended.

Contraindications: an individual intolerance of components of a product, pregnancy, feeding by a breast, sleeplessness, a hypertonia, the increased nervous excitability, the expressed disturbances of a state and functions of cardiovascular system, an arrhythmia, to children up to 18 years.

Storage conditions: to store in the place, dry, inaccessible for children, at a temperature not above 25 °C. After opening to store closed by a cover in a refrigeration cabinet no more than 90 days.

Period of validity: 1 year.

TU 9199-045-67104832015

Concentrate alimentary "Pantohematogen antler native" on the basis of a pantohematogen with vegetable additives.

Volume: 250 ml

Storage life 1 year
Сapacity 250 ml.

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Pantohematogen antler native

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