• "Seminsky" balm

Nonalcoholic "Seminsky" balm can be referred to category of elite balms, it contains the richest natural complex from velvet antlers and a blood of a maral, 18 species of herbs and roots collected in the mountain districts of Mountain Altai differing in special ecological purity. The composition of nonalcoholic Altai "Seminsky" balm is framed on the basis of the prescriptions applied in the millennia in the Tibetan medicine for the purpose of maintenance at larger exercise and emotional stresses. The components which are a part of balm increase physical working capacity and endurance, protect from a stress, help recovering of an organism from a serious illness, promote immunity strengthening. Balm is useful for people of brainwork, and also working in the conditions of physical and nervous overworks.

Structure: velvet antlers and the blood of maral, composition from curative herbs, fetuses and roots of Mountain Altai, mountain honey, sugar syrup.

Properties: panta (a horn during their annual body height) and the blood of maral — the unique and highly effective remedy known in the east long ago. In medicine of Tibet pant are considered as the agent enlarging vital force, detaining aging and stimulating sexual function of an organism.

Snowdon rose root — the strongest adaptogen of a natural parentage recommended to athletes at intensive exercise stresses. It increases physical and mental working capacity, fastness to various adverse factors (psychological stresses, exercise stresses, etc.).

Crowberry (a highland form, in the people — "Expensive grass") exerts beneficial influence on work of kidneys, accelerates removal of lactic acid.

Potentilla, a horsetail, angelica, the meadowsweet is strengthened by joints.

The bergenia, budra, willow, Veronika, neetle, camomile, dogrose, hawthorn, honey contribute to normalization of a metabolism and fill an organism with vitamins and trace substances.

Contraindications: individual intolerance, diabetes mellitus.

Direction of use: use with tea, coffee, milk or mineral water on 1-2 tablespoons on 1/2 — 1 glass of drink.

Energy value 329 kcal / 100g
Nutrition value product carbohydrates 62g/100g
Storage life 24 months
Сapacity 250 ml.

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"Seminsky" balm

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