• "Ursule" balm

The name of balm happens from the Altai river of Ursule. It is inflow of Katun which has truly male character and has numerous thresholds and a rapid current.

"Ursule" incorporated energy of maral velvet antlers, aroma of the Altai meadow herbs and mountain honey. The carthamoid rhapontic and angelica tone up an organism and stimulate metabolism. They give force, increase immunity and prevent emergence of problems with a potency.

The bergenia, neetle, mint and pine nut normalize digestion. The thyme, a meadowsweet, alchemilla and a yarrow possess antiinflammatory action. And the dogrose, a black-fruited mountain ash and honey fill an organism with vital vitamins and trace substances.

"Ursule" balm is included into a series of balms "Freedom Valley" developed especially for residents of the cities. Its natural vegetable components help to cope with high exercise and emotional stresses, long stresses and a bad bionomics.

Impact on an organism:

Helps to normalize the level of male sex hormones.

Promotes restoration of sexual activity, improves a circulation.

Makes salutary impact in the presence of inflammatory diseases.

Supports the man's organism at serious exercise stresses.

Prevents development of good-quality and malignant neoplasms.

Indications to use:

Depression of sexual activity.

Men's hormonal and endocrine disturbances.

Inflammatory diseases of a male reproductive system (inflammation of testicles, seed kantik, prostate and urethra).

Prophylaxis of good-quality and malignant neoplasms of a male reproductive system (prostate adenoma, etc.).

Appreciable exercise and mental stresses.


maral velvet antlers, carthamoid rhapontic, tick trefoil  and Snowdon rose roots, angelica, bergenia, neetle, mint, pine nut, thyme, meadowsweet, alchemilla, yarrow, honey.

Route of administration:

1-2 teaspoons in the morning and during the lunchtime during food, it is possible to add to tea, coffee.


Individual intolerance of components, diabetes mellitus, pregnancy, feeding by a breast. Isn't medicine.

Energy value 329 kcal / 100g
Nutrition value product carbohydrates 62g/100g
Storage life 24 months
Сapacity 250 ml.

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"Ursule" balm

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