• "Sashel biotonic" a natural mask spray for growth of hair
    "Sashel biotonic" a natural mask spray for growth of hair "Sashel biotonic" a natural mask spray for growth of hair

Sashel ® a mask spray – the natural biogenic complex on the basis of micelles of juice, active structures of plants, concentrates of natural components possessing complementary regulating metabolic processes and restoring action on functions and a condition of a hair follicle, a head skin cell, blood vessels and a blood stream in a thermal layer at an alopecia and a thinning of hair, a patological hair loss of men and women.

The micellar complex of a mask spray contains a biogenic formula of structures of plants and natural components in a natural original form which has biological compatibility with peptides of cells of a hair papilla, bioavailability, absolute dissolution in cellular liquids, the intensive transepidermal getting operation, promotes:

  • to elimination of patological process of a hair loss;
  • activization of metabolic processes of a hair papilla, improvement of blood supply of a hair bag, intensifying of body height of hair;
  • activization of procreation of follicles of a hair;
  • to restoration of density of a layer of a scalp, intensifying of blood supply of hair papillas, prevention of a bald head;
  • to regulation of life cycle of a hair, extension of a growth phase of hair, prevention of death and decrease of the activity of a hair papilla;
  • corrections of a diffuse alopecia;
  • activization of a hair follicle and prevention of a focal alopecia;
  • to prevention of a hair loss as a result of stressful, climatic, age, medicinal, endocrine factors;
  • to prevention of a hair loss after the delivery;
  • to elimination of a cicatrical alopecia;
  • neutralizations of sources of a viral, bacteriemic, fungic infection of head skin;
  • to prevention of a thinning of hair, strengthening of density of a cuticle of a hair hinge.

Structure: native concentrates of a neetle, birch, burdock, hop, clover, buckwheat bitter, seeds of an amaranth, mulberry, comfrey, pennycress, tsimitsifuga, broccoli, pepper, ginkgo of a bilob, mustard, nutmeg, grape grains, willow-herb, yarrow, St. John's Wort, chestnut, inula, Sisymbrium, filbert, winter cress, fetuses of a sea-buckthorn, carrots, lavage, wheat grass, barkhatets, nasturtium, lungwort, peach, beaver musk, oil of a tea tree, juniper oil, stone oil, aloe juice, birch juice, sea-buckthorn juice.

Route of administration: apply mask with pressing on the top valve on area of an alopecia, bald head, rub in head skin, it isn't recommended to wash away. At a hair loss apply on roots of hair, distribute on head skin with the massage movements, slightly rubbing in roots of hair. It isn't recommended to wash away.

It is recommended to apply within 30 days once a day.

The biogenic formula is completely soluble in cellular liquids, has the multidimensional recovery and regulating effect on functions and a condition of a hair follicle, adjacent area, blood vessels, false skin cells.

The biogenic complex of spray possesses the compensating action on metabolic, protective, immune processes of cells of the head and a hair follicle, adjacent blood vessels, possesses the additional restoring action, promotes:

  • to rising of an immune factor of cells of head skin, prevention of emergence of a parasitogenic, bacteriemic, virus invasion;
  • to improvement of an esthetic type of hair, restoration of gloss, density, elimination of friability of a layer of a cuticle and section;
  • the biogenic complex of spray is quickly absorbed in an epidermal layer of head skin and has effect on metabolic processes at the cellular level, promotes removal of toxins, penetration into a blood channel, rising of resistance of tissues to external and internal adverse processes;
  • to elimination of a gray hair;
  • normalization of functions of sebaceous glands;
  • to prevention of a dandruff as a result of normalization of a microflora of head skin, to prevention of development of a fungic infection and a seborrhea;
  • regulations of biochemical structure of a hair bag – to elimination of dryness at a dry seborrhea and a boring of a skin, to prevention of a fat seborrhea;
  • to elimination of an unpleasant smell.

The vegetable complex has effect on structures of nervous cells, stimulates neuroprocesses, promotes:

  • to fast backfilling, comfortable and deep sleep;
  • to elimination of headaches and disturbances of a cerebral circulation as a result of action on fibers of a vascular wall;
  • to elimination of inflammatory, purulent processes;
  • to filling of emptiness of a hair hinge, restoration of durability.

The micellar mask spray doesn't contain artificial, genetically modified, medicinal, toxic substances, hormones, preservatives, doesn't collect in an epithermal tissue, doesn't break natural metabolic processes of cells, doesn't cause accustoming, local toxicosis.

Use at children's age is possible at an infectious alopecia and a hair loss, the shearing herpes.

Clinical approbation of biogenic spray in group of men and women of 30 years and children with a patological hair loss as a result of infectious and inflammatory process showed the following results:

- at a focal alopecia – at 70% of men emergence of "pappus" on a bald head;

- at a diffuse alopecia – at 80% of women formation of hair hinges on the thinned site of the head;

- at 90% of children – restoration of body height of hair, elimination of the centers of a hair loss at the infectious alopecia caused by fungal and bacterial damage;

- at 92% of women – elimination of a pathological hair loss against the background of hormonal, stressful, endocrine disturbances.

The agent is natural biogenic, doesn't contain stabilizers, abaissement of a deposit, an opalescence, minor change of color at storage are allowed that doesn't influence quality, safety and action of an agent and testifies to a natural parentage.
Storage conditions: to store at a temperature not above 25 °C.
Period of validity: 1 year. After opening to store no more than 12 months.
It is checked for hypoallergenicity. It is dermatologically tested.
Volume: 50 ml.

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"Sashel biotonic" a natural mask spray for growth of hair

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