• Biogenic mask and tonic "Sashel"® Biobalans
    Biogenic mask and tonic "Sashel"® Biobalans Biogenic mask and tonic "Sashel"® Biobalans Biogenic mask and tonic "Sashel"® Biobalans Biogenic mask and tonic "Sashel"® Biobalans Biogenic mask and tonic "Sashel"® Biobalans

Biogenic mask and tonic "Sashel"® Biobalans – specially developed complex for face skin, a neck and a zone of a decollete having the selective regulating effect on esthetic and functional defects of a skin, hormonal balance, protective functions of a skin, metabolic processes, natural factors of humidification, structure the elastin and collagenic fibers, skin color.

Complex use of a mask and tonic "Sashel"® Biobalans renders to effect of biorevitalization as a result of the transdermal getting effect of active components in structure of a skin.

"Sashel" ® Biobalans – the natural alginate collagenic mask on the basis of a sea collagen, a native concentrate of brown seaweed enriched with a biogenic complex of concentrates of plants and natural components, referred on a regulation of metabolic processes of cells of a skin, restoration of elasticity collagenic and the elastin fibers of a skin, normalization of level of moisture, a regulation of a tonus of vessels, elimination of individual esthetic and dermatologic disturbances of a skin of any type and all age categories.

The biogenic mask contains a natural formula of bioengineering action which passes into an active state at delution with special tonic "Sashel"® Biobalans.

The biogenic formula of a mask in a complex with tonic contains a natural complex of active agents in not changed natural form having the total getting activity through the top layer of a false skin, compatibility with cellular liquids and cells of a skin, the multidimensional correcting and regulating action:

  • on the top layer of a false skin;
  • on a basal layer of a false skin;
  • on a thermal layer;
  • on a cellular cycle;
  • on synthesis of keratins;
  • on immune functions of a skin;
  • on a factor of natural humidification of a skin;

Native vegetable and natural components of a mask have the regulating effect on biochemical processes of synthesis of a keratin, antimicrobial peptides, on factors of natural humidification of a skin, integrated structures of a false skin (lipids), promote:

  • to regulation of transport properties of keratinotsit, providing an optimal cycle of a cell, prevention of folds;
  • to regulation of synthesis of antimicrobial peptides, prevention of inflammatory, infectious, bacteriemic processes on a skin, an acne eruption;
  • regulations of synthesis of factors of natural humidification of a skin, to prevention of a xeroderma, fish-skin disease and the accompanying changes of a skin;
  • normalization of lipide exchange, to prevention of excess loss of water skin cells;
  • to pigmentation elimination;
  • to improvement of complexion;
  • to purification of cells of a skin from synthetic products of decorative cosmetics, dust, a mud;
  • to elimination of toxicosis of cells of a skin, removal of toxins, normalization of metabolic processes;
  • to elimination of vascular reticulums;
  • to strengthening of durability and elasticity collagenic and the elastin fibers, to filling of emptiness at damaged collagenic structure, elimination of aging of a skin;
  • to regulation of an elastogenez, rising of an elastance of a skin;
  • to prevention of photoageing of a skin;
  • to restoration of functions and conditions of a skin after a stressful factor;
  • to restoration of a tonus of muscles and prevention of flabbiness;
  • corrections of a lipodystrophy of face skin and zone of a decollete;
  • to improvement of protective functions of a skin at influence of external and internal adverse factors;
  • to improvement of drainage properties of a skin;
  • to rising of an elastance of vessels and capillaries, ensuring entering of nutritious components from a blood to skin cells;
  • normalization of cellular respiration;
  • to elimination of comedos, acne eruption.

Structure: sea collagen of 1 type, concentrate of brown seaweed, diatoms, concentrates of a korditseps, seeds of an amaranth, antlers of the Altai maral, tsimitsifuga, pau d'arco, holly, camomile, clover, seeds of oats, dioskorea, seeds of grape grains, evening primrose, comfrey, juniper fetuses, lespedeets, fetuses of a sea-buckthorn, iris, hop, dogrose, dandelion, Artemy, stone oil, biotin, vitamin E, vitamin D.

Route of administration: before use of a mask a face, a neck and a zone of a decollete it is recommended to purify with the help Sashel cream skin ® and Sashel tonic ® Biobalans enclosed complete with a mask. After purification and humidification of a skin prepare a mask and put on a face, a neck, area of a decollete.

Way of preparation of a mask and use: select dry powder of a mask in number of 1 measured spoon in capacity, add Sashel tonic ® Biobalans in number of 2 measured spoons, mix intensively before receiving homogeneous mass, put an even layer on all face (including area a century), a neck and area of a decollete with a special spatula, leave for 20 minutes.

Putting off of a mask: after 20 minutes by means of the wadded disks moistened with water humidify a mask at the edges of a contour and on areas of a forehead, a century, cheeks and a chin, a neck and a zone of a decollete. Unmask bottom edge of area of a decollete – from below up.

After use of a mask it is recommended to wipe a face with Sashel tonic ® Biobalans and to apply nutritious cream from the Sashel series ® depending on type of a skin and a state.

It is recommended to apply a mask once a week.

At a dermatosis of various genesis, an eczema, reddening, a skin boring as a result of influence of aggressive factors, weather conditions, allergic reactions it is recommended to apply a mask 3 times a week before elimination of defect.

The mask has the expressed protecting effect, promotes restoration of a skin at a solar combustion after three uses. It is recommended for the emergency use when photoageing a skin for restoration of humidity and cellular exchange.

Active components of a mask have r53 activity, eliminate division of telomeres of pathogenic cells, include process of an apoptosis of oncogenous cells.

The mask is 100% a natural complex, doesn't contain artificial, genetically modified, medicinal substances, preservatives, hormones, doesn't cause accustoming, is hypoallergenic, doesn't break natural exchange processes of cells of skin, application at any age as means for recovery of esthetic characteristics of skin in a complex with the dermatological restoring and correcting action is possible.

Storage conditions: store at a temperature not above 25 °C in the dry place.

After opening it is dense to close a cover in order to avoid moisture hit.

After opening store no more than 2 years.

Expiration date: 2 years.

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Biogenic mask and tonic "Sashel"® Biobalans

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