• BioNative Collagen - booster-collagen complex
    BioNative Collagen - booster-collagen complex BioNative Collagen - booster-collagen complex BioNative Collagen - booster-collagen complex

BioNative Collagen - specially developed booster - a collagenic complex for effective replication collagenic and the elastine fibers of skin.
The complex consists of soft peeling and a revitalizing cream.

BioNative Collagen has positive effect on young, dense skin, at clinical approbation in group of young men and girls wound healing, anti-inflammatory action, elimination of an acne and acne rash is defined.

BioNative Collagen is recommended at decrease in amount of collagen, change of structure of collagen and elastin in skin as a result of photoageing, age, stressful, endocrine factors, adverse exogenous effect:

  • To prevent wrinkles and premature aging of the skin at a young age;
  • To replicate and restore collagen and elastin of aging skin;
  • To maintain the elastic characteristics of the skin;
  • To prevent skin covering and changing the contour of the face after 45 years;
  • To prevent skin photoaging as a result of UV irradiation;
  • To prevent skin aging as a result of changes in lung, function and condition of digestive, endocrine systems;
  • Inflammatory skin processes that degrade collagen, elastin and other structural elements of the skin.

Peeling action:

  1. Drains dead epidermal cells;
  2. Brightens the skin;
  3. Eliminates pigment spots;
  4. Eliminates the inflammatory process;
  5. Prevents comedonogenesis and acnegenesis;
  6. Eliminates dermatosis and symptoms of irritated and sensitive skin;
  7. Enables insertion of collagen into the intercellular matrix, increases skin density, has lifting action;
  8. Rejuvenates the skin;
  9. Restores exchange processes;
  10. Activates factors of natural skin moisturisation;
  11. Gives the skin silkness, smoothness;
  12. Neutralizing toxins through the use of synthetic cosmetics;
  13. Eliminates swelling and vascular netting;
  14. Activates skin renewal, skin cells to produce their own hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin;
  15. Has an effect of rapid skin repair.

Cream action:

  • Initiates dermal restructuring processes;
  • Restores the structure and content of collagen and elastin to normal functional values;
  • Eliminates mimic, age-related wrinkles;
  • Increases the thickness of the dermis;
  • Restores elastic, metabolic, protective, barrier characteristics of skin;
  • Has an effective transdermal effect, which ensures entry of collagen and hyaluronic acid into lower skin structures and replication of own collagen
  • and elastin, stimulation of own collagen production;
  • Eliminates age-related skin changes - turgor reduction, pigmentation, wrinkles, contour change;
  • Effectively moisturizes;
  • Restores skin breathing;
  • Improves skin reflectivity - "skin glow";
  • Restores skin volume;
  • Eliminates "salomas" in the lip and eye areas.
    When a booster complex is used, the effect increases within 3 months. The action is maintained for 24 months.
    The collagen complex has a pronounced revitalizing effect on skin structures, directed corrective action in case of individual changes and skin defects.
    The joint use of peeling and cream has a synergistic effect on skin cell renewal processes, skin drainage functions, helps to restore the balance between sebaceous jelly activity and the ability to bring the secret to the surface without plugging the skin pores.
    The complex has a built-in SPF 60 factor that persists for 20 hours.

The use of the cream during the day ensures the preservation of skin breathing, antistress effect, prevents the inflammatory process.
Course use of peeling and cream was clinically tested for 30 days in a group of men and women aged 35 to 55, and testing showed the following averaged results:

Group of women:

Face contour tightening effect - 34%;
Improvement of the complexion - 98%;
Elimination of small wrinkles - 50%;
Elimination of deep age wrinkles - 41%;
Elimination of swelling, dark circles - 65%;
Elimination of dryness, cracks, dermatosis - 100%;

Group of men:

Face contour tightening effect - 57%;
Improvement of the complexion - 92%;
Elimination of small wrinkles - 55%
Elimination of deep age wrinkles - 47%;
Elimination of swelling, dark circles - 60%;
Elimination of dryness, cracks, dermatosis - 100%.
The collagenic BioNative Collagen booster complex is native natural means, does not contain artificial, genetically modified, medicinal substances, hormones, toxins, oil products, preservatives, does not cause accustoming. Hypoallergenic.

Peeling composition: sea collagen based on sea plankton, aloe juice, succinic acid, non-stabilized hyaluronic acid, succinic powder, spirulina concentrate, glucosamine hydrochloride, water.

Composition of cream: concentrates of blueberry narrow-leaved, dioskore, kigeliya, a mirotamnusa, papayas, tsentella, a fern, a mulberry, an emblika, a barberry, David's buddlea, a spirulina, fucuses, a klopogon, the mountaineer, a clover, a puerariya Mirifik, a larch, a puerariya lobular, a grenade, monoa oil, oil of pine nut, wormwood oil, ksimeniya oil, sea collagen, sea placentary collagen, the stabilized low-molecular hyaluronic acid, a glycosamine a hydrochloride, arabic gum, sodium alginate, beeswax, mimosa wax, pomegranate juice.

Method of peeling application: with the help of a blade, select peeling, apply on the face, wipe with circular massage movements into the area of forehead, cheeks, chin, cheekbones, necks, avoid getting on the upper and lower eyelids. Rub for at least 5 minutes. Then wash away with warm water. When rubbing, a slide is formed - it is a normal process of collagen rolling and skin polishing. Peeling is recommended 2 times a week.
After peeling, apply cream collagen.

Method of cream application: apply the cream point on forehead, cheeks, chin, eye area, distribute with massage movements. The cream is recommended to be used daily for 60 days to restore the processes of natural replication of collagen and elastin. It is possible to use cream constantly.
Cream is recommended to be used in the morning and in the evening, it is possible to use for decorative cosmetics.

Shelf life: 2 years.

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BioNative Collagen - booster-collagen complex

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