• Cream "Dobrodeya" with honey
    Cream "Dobrodeya" with honey Cream "Dobrodeya" with honey Cream "Dobrodeya" with honey

Cream "Dobrodeya" with honey deeply gets into skin pores, nourishes skin with a vitamin and mineral complex which holds moisture, interferes with dryness and cracking of skin, strengthens immunity of skin, at oily skin – gives dullness and elasticity, at dry skin – humidifies, gives to skin a fresh complexion, possesses anti-inflammatory action, interferes with impact of negative factors of the external environment on skin, purifies skin, healthy color gives to the face. Constant use of cream has the intensive rejuvenating operation on skin.

Effective natural remedy for moistening and nutrition for all-type skin; gives dullness to oily skin, nourishes dry skin.

Cream cosmetic "Dobrodeya" with honey – natural cream on the basis of honey, pollen flower, perg bee, propolis, a subpestilence bee, Galleria mellonella extract, stone oil.

Cream doesn't contain synthetic components, emulsifiers, preservatives. As a part of cream exclusively natural components.

Structure: cocoa butter, honey, beeswax, perga bee, pollen flower, Galleria mellonella extract, lecithin, propolis, subpestilence bee, water, stone oil.


Method of application: cream of dense consistence – put some cream on a fingertip and with circular motions warm on the palm back, then with the easy massage movements apply to face skin, neck, body. At oily skin perhaps residual quantity of an oil phase on skin, at the same time is recommended to blot the remains with a napkin. Cream is suitable for gentle skin of eyes, smoothes wrinkles, levels skin color, promotes healing of wounds, cuts, defects of skin after eels.

Cream is suitable for use under a make-up at night and in the afternoon.

Contraindications: individual intolerance of components of a product.

Storage conditions: to store at a temperature from 0 to 25 °C. After packing opening to store cream closed by a cover in the dark place, avoiding hit of direct sunshine, no more than 12 months.

Expiration date: 1 year.
Volume: 30 ml.

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Cream "Dobrodeya" with honey

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