• Sachel BioNative face cream for young and dense skin

Sashel® BioNativе is a natural organic cream based on the cytosol of Artemia cells, burdock roots, spirulina and biogenic concentrates of endemic plant species in the alpine meadows of Altai Mountains.

The cream is specially developed taking into account the biochemical processes and properties of young and sensitive skin.

The cream is recommended:

  • for young skin as a natural complex nutritional product, moisturizing, maintaining cellular respiration;
  • for young skin as a natural remedy to prevent cellular imbalance and acne formation;
  • for dense skin to regulate the work of the sebaceous glands, hydration, nutrition;
  • for young skin as a natural remedy that supports natural individual factors of skin moisture;
  • for sensitive skin with hypersensitivity to environmental factors and cosmetics;
  • with rosacea;
  • in case of skin hyperemia to restore a uniform complexion;
  • with vascular networks;
  • with dermatous symptoms, weeping eczema of various origins.

The natural complex-cream contains a natural SPF 50 factor, has a multicomplex selective action for individual characteristics of the structure and type of skin, has a simultaneous aesthetic, dermatological and regulatory effect:

  • in the daytime - helps to activate the protective factors of the skin;
  • at night - helps to activate the processes of regeneration, detoxification and cleansing, hydration and nutrition of the skin.

The natural complex of the cream is a universal product for use within 24 hours.

It can be used as an independent product for the care and maintenance of the biochemical processes of the skin day and night. Use under makeup is possible.

The cytosolic complex-cream provides skin breathing, prevents the greenhouse effect as a result of exposure to synthetic cosmetics.

Ingredients: cytosolic concentrate of brine shrimp, burdock roots, spirulina, lunar grape bean (Botrychium lunaria), female cobbler (Athyrium filix-femina), H. mongolicum, hazelnut, clover flowers, mulberries, bee firewood, tarantula violet, ambergris seed oil birch, gooseberry juice, reishi concentrate, parsley root concentrate, grape seed oil, spinach concentrate, broccoli, royal jelly, blue cornflower oil.

Method of application: using a spatula, apply the cream pointwise to the forehead, cheeks and chin, distribute with light massage movements. The natural cream can be applied to the eyelids and under the eyes.

Natural cream Sashel® BioNativе does not contain synthetic, medicinal, genetically modified substances, fragrances, preservatives, hormones, PEGs, toxic and allergenic substances, does not cause addiction, is hypoallergenic.

It can be used at the age of 12 years to prevent skin disorders of puberty.

A special series of cosmetics BioNative is made on the basis of concentrates of alpine plants in the alpine meadows of Gorny Altai.

Natural cream, can be used for women and men. The formula of the cream has a selective regulating and corrective effect in case of individual disorders.

Daily use of the cytosolic cream complex contributes to:

  • preservation of skin turgor and prevention of its decrease as a result of endogenous and external factors, stress processes, climate change;
  • maintaining the balance of moisture levels and distribution of lipids, preventing dry or oily skin as a result of endocrine changes, dysfunctions and condition of the digestive system, toxicosis;
  • preserving the synthesis of elastin and collagen cells, preventing skin aging, wrinkle formation;
  • preservation of natural factors of antioxidant cellular activity, prevention of oxidative processes in skin cells and elimination of disorders of elastinogenesis, collagenogenesis, melanogenesis;
  • prevent UV skin aging and collagen degradation.

Natural ash cream does not contain fragrances and synthetic aromas; natural absolutes from alpine flowers create a favorable psychoemotional status.

Clinical testing of native ash cream showed average results of use within 1 year in a group of people 18-37 years old:

  • elimination of expression wrinkles: women - 87%, men - 90%;
  • normalization of skin tone: women - 67%, men - 78%;
  • elimination of periodic rashes, papules and pustules of various origins: men - 97%, women - 87%;
  • restoration of a feeling of skin comfort: women - 95%, men - 76%.

Biogenic ash cream is recommended for daily use to preserve youthfulness and nutrition of the skin, to prevent changes that appear due to age and individual negative processes.

TU 20.42.15-338-67104832-2017

Storage conditions store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° С
Storage life 2 years
Сapacity 30 ml.

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Sachel BioNative face cream for young and dense skin

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