• Tonic for the face "SILAPANT" Anti-Age micellar
    Tonic for the face "SILAPANT" Anti-Age micellar Tonic for the face "SILAPANT" Anti-Age micellar

Tonic for the face "SILAPANT" Anti-Age micellar carefully cleans a skin from pollution and a make-up, smoothes mimic folds and reduces depth of age, struggles with imperfections of a skin, optimizes cell renewal. The thermal water and active components abirritate a skin and take out a boring.

As a part of tonic:

  • Thermal water rejuvenates a skin, restores water balance, moisturizes and abirritates the skin, gives feeling of freshness and comfort;
  • Extract of marsh trefoil - an antioxidant of new generation. Improves collagen synthesis, lifting effect possesses. Protects vitamin C from oxidation and thus restores maturing and transportation of collagenic fibers in a derma;
  • Sea salt promotes improvement of a circulation and elastance of a skin and tissues, acceleration of interfabric metabolic processes, regeneration of cells of a skin;
  • Extract of green tea eliminates the excessive fat content and gloss, abirritates the damaged skin, improves complexion;
  • Extract of plankton struggles with imperfections of a skin, optimizes cell renewal, stimulates natural protective mechanisms of a skin and internal ability of a skin to self-humidification;
  • Extract of red seaweed wets, softens and nourishes a skin, increases its elasticity and an elastance;
  • Glycine, getting on a skin, makes the moistening impact. Getting into deep layers of a false skin, improves metabolic processes, protects membranes of cells from destructive influence of free radicals, prevents processes of a senilism of a skin;
  • Dekstranal – an innovative component, contributes to normalization functional a condition of a skin due to prophylaxis of the inflammatory phenomena caused by various adverse factors of the external environment;
  • Pantogematogen prevents emergence of early folds and slows down processes of aging of a skin.
    Period of validity — 24 months.

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Tonic for the face "SILAPANT" Anti-Age micellar

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