• The gift honey set "Altai Morning"
    The gift honey set "Altai Morning" The gift honey set "Altai Morning" The gift honey set "Altai Morning" The gift honey set "Altai Morning" The gift honey set "Altai Morning" The gift honey set "Altai Morning" The gift honey set "Altai Morning"

The gift honey set "Altai Morning" is allsorts from 9 best grades of the Altai honey. Packing is made of a dense cardboard, decorating under a wooden casket, colourful veneering of a cover will present feeling of a stylish, interesting gift. Glass jars with honey are enclosed in cells and draped with a gentle satin tissue.

Complection of gift set:

  1. Mountainous Altai honey - has exclusive tastes. It is gathered in environmentally friendly corners from mountain melliferous herbs. Its structure is filled by more than 40 species of herbs and plants among which a hawthorn, an acacia, a blackthorn, a dogrose, a honeysuckle, a bird cherry which have curative properties. Mountain honey is capable to restore immune system well. Honey is filled with the strengthening properties, and also raises a possibility of an organism to resistance to viral and infectious diseases. 
  2. Mountain honey - besides pleasant flower aroma, still has very high gustatory properties. Taste of mountain honey reminds fruit, with pronounced flower. Honey of mountains has the differences depending on the area and time of the collecting. Mountain honey is indicative at an angina, cold, laryngitis and a tracheitis. 
  3. Taiga honey with a St. John's Wort - a St. John's Wort activates a metabolism, is antiinflammatory and a diuretic, promotes removal of salts, toxins and serious metals, shows antiseptic action. 
  4. Honey with antlers of the Altai maral and a red root - pant of a maral well influence nervous, digestive and circulatory systems. Is an effective remedy at stresses, overworks, raise the general tonus, improve work of a cardiac muscle, normalize arterial pressure, enlarge working capacity. 
  5. The honey "Power admixture" is a natural honey, dried apricots, prunes, walnut – the traditional prescription of a useful and nutritious delicacy. 
  6. Honey with a uterine milk - the best combination of beekeeping products on a range of impact on a human body. In traditional medicine it is used for retardation of aging, improvement of a metabolism, depression of level of a cholesterin, stimulation of function of endocrine glands. The uterine milk is especially useful for female health, promotes restoration of function of a female body in the puerperal period, stimulates release of milk at the nursing mother, regulates work of an organism in a climacteric. 
  7. "Breakfast Fitness" honey - a unique combination of natural Altai honey, flower pollen, flakes of various cereals, extract of Viburnum and a sea-buckthorn, ginger. Excellently tones up, increases immunity and vital energy. 
  8. "Nut Boom" cream-honey - a natural product with gentle structure and useful properties of the Altai honey. Cedar and walnut, a filbert, almonds, nut of cashew and coffee stimulate activity of cardiovascular system and a brain, increase immunity, normalize a metabolism. 
  9. "Live Grain" honey with germs of wheat and ginger.
Weight 9X30g.

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The gift honey set "Altai Morning"

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