• Agarikus mushroom
    Agarikus mushroom Agarikus mushroom

Mushrooms throughout many centuries are used for fight against different illnesses and maintenance of good health. They help to adjust a metabolism, to force immunity, to warn oncological and cardiovascular diseases. Salutary action of mushrooms amplifies curative properties of herbs and plants.

The Agarikus capsules include to a mushroom series of concentrates on vegetable raw materials. Means of this series combine in themselves the principles of phytotherapy and a fungoterapiya – treatment by mushrooms. Each of them has the directed and effective effect, helping to cope with an illness, to restore protective forces and to strengthen an organism.

Agarikus also famous as the larch sponge is the wood mushroom growing on trunks of a larch, the Siberian cedar and a fir. In our country often meets in the territory of Siberia and it is applied to improvement.

The curative properties of an agarikus are known for many centuries. Still the Ancient Greek doctor Dioskorid recommended it for many diseases, and in ancient manuscripts he was called "the tsar of all drugs" and "a life elixir".

In the 50th years of the 20th century scientists managed to reveal that this mushroom contains 70% of useful resinous substances. There is no such high content of pitches any more in one vegetable organism. Besides, organic acids, mineral salts, vitamins and minerals are a part of an agarikus. Among acids with which the larch sponge - apple is rich, fumaric, lemon, agarcic and ricin. As a part of a larch sponge there are also fatty oils, glucose, phytosterols and polysaccharides.

It is proved that agaricus is capable to have a positive impact on a metabolism, possesses bile-expelling, laxative, styptic, antimicrobic, antiburn action, reduces sweating. The agaricin acid (Acidum agarricinicum) which is a part of a mushroom in moderate doses is capable to act as sleeping pill and demulcent.

Agarikus is recommended at:

  • metabolic disorders
  • to excess body weight
  • hormonal violations
  • hepatitis and fatty dystrophy of a liver
  • diabetes
  • ulcers and inflammatory processes in a GIT
  • diseases of respiratory organs
  • helminthoses
  • hyperfunctions of a thyroid gland
  • for prevention of oncological diseases

Agarikus is known as an effective remedy for weight loss. Weight reduction happens due to curative impact on a liver which begins to excrete necessary enzymes the fatty cages normalizing work of intestines and splitting. Property to bring out of an organism toxins, slags and other harmful substances do this mushroom one of the most popular vegetable means for cleaning of an organism. Also it is capable to struggle with parasites.

Agarikus is used in therapy of oncological diseases as it is capable to minimize undesirable impact on an organism and to reduce side effects beam and chemotherapy.

Agaricus shows medicinal properties at fight against various diseases of a liver (jaundice, the viral hepatitises B and C, cirrhosis, fatty dystrophy).

It restores normal work of body, cleans it, promotes cell regeneration, has beneficial influence on secretion of bile and production of enzymes, destroys pathogenic microflora in biliary tract.

Agarikus promotes restoration of a metabolism which is broken at patients with diabetes. The mushroom helps to reduce sugar level in blood, removing excessive glucose.

Packaging of a concentrate Agarikus consists of 30 capsules, each of which contains natural environmentally friendly raw materials. Capsules contain in the high-tech way the crushed and enriched components that allows to keep as much as possible necessary operating beginnings for which herbs and mushrooms are famous. The convenient form of release in capsules allows to accept them where it is convenient to you – houses, on the way or at work.

We recommend to get acquainted also with other natural medicines on vegetable raw materials of a mushroom series.

Dietary supplement. Isn't medicine.

Quantity 30 capsules

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Agarikus mushroom

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