• Pantohematogen Altamar - 1

Pantohematogen Altamar - 1 is made of the blood of the Altai maral which is taken away during body height of antlers. It is a natural source of iron, trace substances, amino acids. Pantohematogen increases activity of phagocytes and synthesis of immunoglobulins of a class G (lg) in an organism which influence immunoactivity intensifying, augmentation of protective reserves of an organism and resilience to infectious and viral diseases.

Pantohematogen "Altamar-1" has the expressed  tonic, antiinflammatory properties. Positively influences cardiovascular, nervous systems, reduces a nerve strain, stress, a condition of a depression, improves process of a backfilling and quality of a dream. Drug improves metabolic processes of an organism, increases endurance, working capacity, high-speed and power indicators at athletes and people of hard physical work. Reception of a pantogematogen of "Altamar-1" promotes retardation of processes of aging, increases sex activity, improves a hemopoiesis.

Structure: pantohematogen, glucose, ascorbic acid.


  • at disorders of nervous and cardiovascular system;
  • at frequent catarrhal, inflammatory and chronic diseases;
  • during the recovery period after severe injuries and operations, at the raised mental and exercise stresses, at anemia, in sport.
  • Route of administration: the adult during food - on 1-2 capsules 2-4 times in a day within 14-20 days, to children are more senior than 7 years in 30 minutes prior to food 1 capsule 1-2 times a day.

Contraindications: it is contraindicative to children up to 7 years, to people with the heart failure raised by nervous excitability, the expressed atherosclerosis, a serious hypertonia, an acute shortage of a dream during pregnancy and feeding by a breast.

Quantity 180 capsules

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Pantohematogen Altamar - 1

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