• The capsules "Chaga and a Reishi with a Burdock Root"
    The capsules "Chaga and a Reishi with a Burdock Root" The capsules "Chaga and a Reishi with a Burdock Root"


Capsules contain in the high-tech way the crushed and enriched components. It allows to keep as much as possible necessary operating beginnings for which herbs and mushrooms are famous. It is the convenient form of release allowing to apply easily medicine at work and at home.

The components which are considered as powerful antineoplastic tool are a part of the capsules "Chaga and a Reishi with a Burdock Root".

Numerous researches in the world revealed positive impact of a reishi on a human body due to increase in its resilience to various diseases.

Traditionally the mushroom of a reishi is applied in oncology as antineoplastic means and for prevention of a recurrence;

as the calming, antitussive action and expectorant means; for improvement of work of heart and function of a liver;

for the purpose of decrease in level of cholesterol in blood and arterial blood pressure; at an allergy and autoimmune diseases, etc.

Unique qualities of a reishi supplement properties known in Russia of a wood birch mushroom for a long time - a chaga.

Today traditionally the chaga is applied at diseases

GIT; at problems in work of a cardiovascular system; - at diseases of respiratory organs, including in treatment of tuberculosis; as the symptomatic antineoplastic means improving the general state; at the general weakening of an organism (a stress, a syndrome of chronic fatigue etc.).

The primordial-Russian means - a burdock root became one more component of capsules. It is known that medicines from roots of a burdock have bile-expelling, diuretic, antimicrobial properties. Softly stimulate release of insulin in a liver, normalizing sugar level in blood. Besides, they promote clarification of blood and lymphatic system.

Traditionally medicines from roots of a burdock use: at diseases mucous digestive tract and a liver;

for the purpose of prevention and as additional therapy at oncological diseases.

The tripartite alliance of vegetable components (a reishi, a chaga and a root of a burdock) vzaimousilivat the all-strengthening effect, influencing different links of an organism.

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The capsules "Chaga and a Reishi with a Burdock Root"

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