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"Gemakhol" - the reliable and safe natural drug framed for conservation of health of cardiovascular system. "Gemakhol" improves a metabolism and blood supply of all organs and tissues in an organism. Completely satisfies the daily need of an organism for nicotinic acid (PP vitamin). Improves power of an organism and energy balance. Gemakhol is an optimum composition of a pantohematogen and nicotinic acid in a matrix from glucose allows to resist to negative impact of stressful situations effectively. After a full course of reception positive changes remain within 3 months. Attention! The full recreational course of reception consists of the 1st vial 84 capsules or 2 vials on 42 capsules. Effect of drug: Helps to normalize arterial pressure. Promotes depression of the general cholesterin, normalizing thereby lipide (fatty) exchange.

  • Helps to reduce the high level of sugar in a blood and to prevent many disturbances of carbohydrate metabolism — from an obesity to a diabetes mellitus.
  • Improves a lumen of vessels, preventing development of many disturbances of heart.
  • Normalizes activity and a tonus of the autonomic nervous system, promotes prevention of the disturbances in the blood circulatory system bound to negative impact of stresses and a psychoemotional strain.
  • Enlarges efficiency of digestion of oxygen, reduces the need of various tissues for blood supply, raises degree of sufficiency of the available blood flow and reduces a load on heart.
  • Promotes the best acceptability of exercise stresses, increases their efficiency, promotes weight reduction.

Scope: for realization to the population through pharmacy chain and specialized shops, departments of retail chain stores as dietary supplement to a nutrition — an additional source of PP vitamin as cholesterol reducing drug. In complex therapy of an atherosclerosis, diseases of cardiovascular system, vegeto-vascular dystonia, at disturbances of lipide exchange, for correction of lipide structure of a blood for patients with arterial hypertension.

Structure: pantohematogen, nicotinic acid (PP vitamin), glucose.

Contraindications: individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, feeding by a breast.

Route of administration: To adults and children 14 years 1 capsule 3 times a day during food. Reception duration — 4 weeks.

At diseases: elevated pressure, pantolhealing, depression of sugar level, cholesterol depression, stress and its consequences, energy and vital force, memory, attention, intelligence, heart and vessels, rejuvenascence and active longevity, minerals, immunity, vitamins, amino acids.

Quantity 84 capsules

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