• "Maranol"

"Maranol" - biologically active preventive drug, only in the Russian market, which have as a part antlers of the Altai maral well-known for the whole world and its blood unique on the recreational properties.

Resupplies vital energy and helps to keep excellent health, clarity of mind and activity about advanced years. Longevity drug which gives us an opportunity to feel more young and more vigorously, to live more longly, without growing old.

Some recreational properties of "Maranol" at once declare themselves, and other properties — have accumulative effect and therefore are shown over time.

Effect of drug:

  • Anti-aging effect: drug helps to slow down aging processes, promotes life expectancy augmentation, influences a condition of a skin and hair.
  • Immunomodulatory action influence at which the level of normally functioning links of immune system doesn't change and is defective the functioning links of immune system come back to the normal level.
  • The expressed fortifying action: increases fastness and adaptability of an organism to one and all harmful factors of the environment and disease-producing agents.
  • The lasting toning and biostimulating effect: regulates and resupplies vital energy, raises the general tonus, activity of an organism, dilates its functionality.
  • Intensifying of sex opportunities of an organism: drug promotes rising of level of sex energy in an organism, strengthens sexual desire, it is recommended at impotence, a chronic prostatitis, helps to restore sexual activity, improves sex and genesial functions of men and women.
  • Impact on many somatic disturbances: drug improves work of digestive tract, improves a condition of cardiovascular system, contributes to normalization of arterial pressure, improves functioning of internals.
  • Delivery and correction of bone and cartilaginous tissue at many disturbances of a musculoskeletal system: osteoarthritis, pseudorheumatism, osteoporosis, arthritises, arthroses, paralysis consequences, etc. Drug promotes neogenesis of joint surfaces and interferes with a compression of cartilaginous tissue, helps to reduce inflexibility and morbidity of joints, reduces rest pains and when walking, reduces washing away of a calcium from an organism.
  • Fast recovering from injuries, illnesses and surgical interventions. Drug accelerates an angenesis, an adhesion of wounds and accretion of bones.
  • Positive influence on quality of a blood: drug revitalizes a blood, improves a circulation, stimulates formation of red blood cells.
  • Depression of concentration of a cholesterol in a blood, an aterogennost index, depression of level of lipoproteins of low density. Drug improves indicators of fatty exchange that helps to slow down advance of processes of an atherosclerosis.
  • Depression of concentration of sugar in a blood.
  • Regulation of a condition of a nervous system: enlarges its reserves and margin of safety at mental and physical overwork, neurosises. Makes pronounced positive impact on many emotional and strong-willed reactions: improves mood, a dream, reduces apathy, irritability, tearfulness, uneasiness, obsessional pavors, depressions.
  • Improvement of cognitive functions: memories, attention, abilities to concentrate, intellectual opportunities, are provided by a delivery of cells of a brain.
  • Anabolic effect at sports activities: drug promotes education and body height of new tissues, enlarging an animal force and activity at sports. Improves oxygen exchange. It is recommended as an effective and safe remedy for rising of efficiency of sports trainings, enlarges resilience, endurance, improves sports indicators, reduces implication of a competitive stress.
  • Promotes depression of an index of body weight at the dosed exercise stresses.


  • gerontoprotektion;
  • Ischemic heart disease, hypertension, neurocirculatory dystonia, atherosclerosis, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus;
  • consequences of an acute disorder of a cerebral circulation;
  • anemias;
  • disturbances of immunity during functional recovering from injuries and fractures;
  • improvement of tolerance to exercise stresses;
  • improvement of integrative function of the central nervous system, mental abilities;
  • stressful situations;
  • sex dysfunction.

* From work of MD, professor B. I. Kozlov of "Pantolecheniye"

Period of validity: 2 years.

Scope: for realization to the population through pharmacy chain and specialized shops, departments of retail chain stores as dietary supplement to a nutrition — an additional source of vitamins C and E. And also as a gerontoprotektor in complex therapy of cardiovascular diseases, a diabetes mellitus 2 type, a syndrome of chronic fatigue and a stress - the induced diseases.

Structure: powder of Altai maral antlers, pantohematogen, vitamin C, vitamin E, glucose.

Contraindications: individual intolerance of components of a product, pregnancy, feeding by a breast.

Route of administration: the adult on 2 capsules 2 times a day during food. Reception duration — 1 month with repeated reception as necessary.

Attention! At emergence of unpleasant feelings or in case of an exacerbation of the available diseases as a result of administration of drug it is recommended to reduce a dose: for example, to accept on 1 capsule in the morning and on 1 capsule in the afternoon.

At diseases: elevated pressure, digestion and metabolism, pantohealing, depression of level of sugar, cholesterol depression, sport and active lifestyle, stress and its consequences, energy and vital force, memory, attention, intelligence, musculoskeletal system, heart and vessels, rejuvenascence and active longevity, male health, minerals, immunity, vitamins, amino acids.

Quantity 120 capsules

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