• Pantocrinum bio
    Pantocrinum bio Pantocrinum bio

Biologically active agents which are contained in antlers have hypotensive effect, the immunostimulating properties, strengthen metabolic processes, including due to oxygen activation, promote removal of fats from a liver, participate in regulation of fatty and carbohydrate exchanges, work as the expressed reparative means at ulcer processes, changes. Antlers increase protective properties of an organism, strengthen blood circulation, promote memory strengthening, are applied at anemia, the general breakdown, dizzinesses, skin diseases, a pulmonary tuberculosis, rheumatism, stones in kidneys.

Glycine - slows down process of a degeneration of muscles, supplying them with additional creatinine. Glycine plays an important role in synthesis of nucleic, bile acids and other essential amino acids in an organism. It functions as nitrogenous depot for synthesis of essential amino acids at an amination or a transamination. Glycine is necessary for activity of the central nervous system. It performs function of the inhibitory neurotransmitter. It is applied in many agents and it is effective in control of epileptic seizures.

SWAMP-SUBORS of RU. of 25.05.2015
TU 9219-201-47228466-15
The products correspond: TR CU 021/2011, TR CU 022/2011

Recommendations about use: the adult on 1 teaspoon (5 ml) 3 times a day at meal time. After opening store a bottle in the refrigerator.
Reception duration – 1 month.

Structure: aqueous-alcoholic extract from antlers of a maral, glycine.

Biologically active agents in a daily dose in g.:
Glycine – 0.75
Nutrition value of / 100 g:
Lipids - 0.3
Energy value in 100 g: 370kkal/1549.116

Indications to use:

It is applied as dietary supplement to food - an additional source of glycine.

Structure: aqueous-alcoholic extract from antlers of a maral, glycine.

Contraindications: Individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, feeding by a breast. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor.

Special instructions: Period of validity - 1 year. To store in dry, protected from light place, inaccessible for children, at a temperature not over 25C. Is not medicine.

Сapacity 100 ml.

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Pantocrinum bio

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