• Pantohematogen

Wonderful natural adaptogen drug which carries the potent power of the severe nature of Mountain Altai kept for you in original state. Action is referred on awakening and including of internal forces of an organism, restoration of its physiological functions. The unique production technology allows to keep all complex of biologically active agents: macro - and trace substances, amino acids, peptides, lipids, the bases of nucleic acids, and, above all — biopower information.

It is recommended to all who work much and don't want to admit malaises and illnesses.

Attention! The full recreational course of reception consists of the 1st vial of 112 capsules or 2 vials on 56 capsules.

Effect of drug:

  • Restores and strengthens immunity, protects an organism from destructive action of adverse factors of the external environment, increases resilience to viral infections;
  • Enlarges a sexual potency of men and women, it is effective at many disturbances of sexual function, sex dysfunctions of neurotic character;
  • Normalizes a condition of the central nervous system at constant stressful overloads, at depression of mental and physical working capacity, overwork, a hypotension, asthenic states, an amyocardia, improves a dream;
  • Brings an organism out of a condition of "chronic fatigue", enlarges energy stocks in an organism, endurance, increases vitality;
  • Accelerates convalescence after surgeries, promotes an adhesion of wounds, strengthens possibilities of an organism at hard work and serious sports loads;
  • Improves overall health, loads with cheerfulness, causes inflow of forces, it is recommended at a depression, nervousness, conditions of alarm and apathy;
  • Improves memory, information activities of a brain and mental capacities;
  • Improves work of all organs: hearts, a pancreas, a liver, a stomach and an intestine, a musculoskeletal system, increases visual acuity, has antiulcerous and antiallergic activity, reduces dependence on the weather phenomena.

Scope: for realization to the population through pharmacy chain and specialized shops, departments of retail chain stores as dietary supplement to a nutrition — an additional source of vitamin C. As the immunostimulating, adaptogen, tonic and nootropic drug increasing physical and mental working capacity.

Structure: pantohematogen, ascorbic acid, glucose.

Contraindications: individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, feeding by a breast. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor.

Route of administration: to adults and children 14 year old 2 capsules 2 times a day during food. A reception course — 4 weeks.

At diseases: elevated pressure, decrease of sugar level, cholesterin depression, sport and active lifestyle, stress and its consequences, energy and vital force, memory, attention, intelligence, musculoskeletal system, heart and vessels, male health, minerals, immunity, female health, vitamins, amino acids.

Quantity 112 capsules

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