• Pantohematogen maral antlers and vitamin C
    Pantohematogen maral antlers and vitamin C Pantohematogen maral antlers and vitamin C

Each of us in this or that time has a breakdown. The night dream doesn't bring desirable rest, and in the afternoon we are pursued by a sleepiness, through some time there is an apathy and interest in life vanishes. 

Such symptoms can warn an organism about decrease in immunity, or the breakdown is bound to seasonal reorganization when our organism is forced to reconstruct the biorhythms. But how to be in such situation? Especially to disregard breakdown, delicacy, a sleepiness is impossible at all. 

Pantohematogen with maral antlers and vitamin C "Tonus and Vital Force" will return forces and energy to an organism, will increase working capacity and will promote depression of a sleepiness and fatigability. 

Pantohematogen is a well of amino acids, peptides and lipids, vitamin A and E. It is hard to overestimate all useful properties of this natural product received from the blood which is contained in maral antlers. 

Pantohematogen is natural energy source. It surpasses in the tonic properties even a ginseng. Pantohematogen is ABSOLUTELY natural agent which glory is known already many years not only in our country, but also is far beyond its limits. Not without reason residents of China in large numbers visit Altai to restore health by means of a pantohematogen.

Pantohematogen is a potent immunomodulator. It increases the organism resilience to various diseases, and also negative impact of the environment. 

Pantohematogen takes active part in a hemopoiesis. Besides, it improves work of a nervous system and a brain, increases mental and physical working capacity, and also substantially reduces fatigability of an organism and helps to eliminate stress consequences. 

Antlers of a maral is an elixir of longevity! As we know, all our illnesses from nerves. Antlers of a maral effectively help to prevent development of disturbances in the internals caused by a chronic stress. Antlers help our organism to fight against the panic attacks and even a depression. 

Antlers contain a large amount of hemoglobin, albuminous bonds, bioactive agents and natural natural power engineering specialists. All these substances and bonds are important not only for the general condition of our organism, but also perfectly will approach as the preventive, toning and rejuvenating agent. 

It is possible to call vitamin C safely vitamin of youth, vital energy and forces. Vitamin C is capable not only to give us cheerfulness, but also to increase mood. Valuable property of this vitamin is its ability to collect and remain in an organism. 

In the pantohematogen with antlers and vitamin C "The tonus and vital force" is the integral element. This vitamin promotes assimilation by an iron organism which contains in a large number in the pantohematogen.

Only one capsule a day, it is also possible to forget about seasonal breakdown and moods, about apathy and an avitaminosis!

Quantity 30 capsules by 500 mg.

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Pantohematogen with maral antlers and vitamin C

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