• Pantomar plus

Structure: antlers of a maral, L carnitine and ginger 

Pantomar plus is irreplaceable dietary supplement for the people watching over the health and a figure. The regular use of additive "Pantomar plus" promotes: 

  • to normalization and weight reduction;
  • improves a metabolism;
  • enlarges sports endurance during the trainings;
  • increases the general physical working capacity; gives ease and improves health. 

The based function of L carnitine in organism - it is a transport of fatty acids in the course of which oxidation energy is emitted. It is one of the main sources of energy to muscular tissue. Thus, the L carnitine enlarges processing of fat in energy and prevents an adiposity in an organism, first of all in heart, a liver, sceletal muscles. The L carnitine reduces probability of development of the complications of a diabetes mellitus bound to disturbance of fatty exchange, promotes depression of body weight and increases force of muscles.

Ginger contains phosphorus, sodium, silicon, potassium, manganese, calcium, germany, chrome, iron, aluminum, nicotinic acid, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin C, B3 vitamin, asparagine, the hill, irreplaceable amino acids which aren't synthesized by a human body. Ginger renders antiinflammatory, anesthetizing, resorptional, healing and toning action. It positively influences the alimentary system, improves secretion of a stomach, saves from intestinal colics, improves blood supply and accelerate metabolic processes.

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Pantomar plus

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