• Pantovital Plus
    Pantovital Plus Pantovital Plus Pantovital Plus

Pantovital Plus (powder of punts of the Altai maral) is the most powerful adaptogen and a biostimulator. Contain huge concentration of various stimulators, regulators, hormones and other bioactive materials and also the richest vitamin and mineral a complex. Increases resistance to diseases and influence of adverse external factors, improves work of immune, endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular, urinogenital and reproductive systems, strengthens and restores cartilaginous and bone fabrics, improves a condition of skin, hair and nails.
Structure: ultradispersed powder of punts of marals, gelatin capsule
Volume: 90 capsules by 300mg.

Quantity 90 capsules by 300 mg.

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Pantovital Plus

  • Brand: Pantovital
  • Product Code: LD17
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