• Pantovital capsules with red root
    Pantovital capsules with red root Pantovital capsules with red root Pantovital capsules with red root

Pantovital capsules with red root

Male strength. Energy. Health. Micronized powders of Altai maral antlers combined with endemic red root improve the potency and functional state of the male urogenital system. 1 package of capsules is calculated for 1 course, duration of reception is 1 month.

2 courses per year recommended.

Ingredients: powder of antlers of maral, red root.

The "Pantovital+" capsules with red root "contain antlers of marals of Mountain Altai, living in the Uymon Valley, on the territory of the Katun Biosphere Reserve. The general strengthening and stimulating action of maral antlers in our capsules is strengthened by the properties of the crushed red root.

Today, the red root, along with maral antlers, is included in the list of the most popular natural adaptogens - natural stimulants of the body, which helps to mobilize in difficult conditions. At the same time, unlike energy drinks, adaptogens do not deplete the reserves of the body. Red root is a favorite plant of Siberian connoisseurs who found it use in the treatment of many diseases. According to ancient beliefs, the red root belongs to the elements of water, so it is able to normalize the balance of liquid in the body.

Modern research suggests the effectiveness of red root in kidney and urinary system diseases. The red root rose to prominence as a remedy for male health (Herbal for Men, Efremov A.P., Schreeter A.I., 1996). The red root is an aphrodisiac, a natural non-hormonal stimulant of sexual activity. It improves blood circulation and causes nerve receptors to work with double strength while not being addictive. Red root contains a large amount of catechins - bioflavonoids, having P-vitamin activity and vasoprotective action. They restore and strengthen capillary walls, neutralize free radicals.

This explains the widespread use of red root in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Red root bioflavonoids have found effective use in prostatitis therapy as well. Underground parts of the plant contain a large amount of tanning substances, which have a pronounced antibacterial effect and protect the body from pathogenic flora.

Antlers of maral and red root are used: to strengthen male health and maintain the work of the urinary system; To increase body tone and enhance erectile function;

To protect the health and optimize the cardiovascular system; With decreased memory and attention functions, including those associated with age-related changes in brain performance;

To reduce manifestations of chronic fatigue syndrome, in conditions of high physical and mental loads, to achieve sports results;

To improve the effectiveness of post-injury recovery processes and chronic musculoskeletal diseases;

To strengthen the immune system, including for the prevention of ARVI and influenza during seasonal epidemics. Recommendations for use: adults 2 capsules 2 times a day during meals.

Duration of reception: 1 month. Re-admission within a year is possible. Contraindications: individual intolerance of the product.

Ingredients: powder of maral antlers, red root. Net weight: 41, 4 g. Shelf life: 2 years. Storage conditions: store at temperature from 0ºС to 25ºС and relative humidity not more than 75%.

Quantity 120 capsules

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Pantovital capsules with red root

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