• "Pantovital" capsules with red brush
    "Pantovital" capsules with red brush "Pantovital" capsules with red brush "Pantovital" capsules with red brush

Adaptogenic, generally reinforcing action of maral antlers in our capsules is strengthened by properties of Red Brush. Its botanical name is Rhodiola algida.

This red-knit endemic plant is found only in Mountain Altai. Rhodiola stems are dotted with narrow leaves and resemble a brush with a rare bristle - hence the folk "nickname." Red is called for the color of fruits and roots.

The ability to survive in a harsh mountain climate, at an altitude of 2000-3000 meters above sea level, forms adaptogenic properties in the plant, which the plain flora does not possess. The red brush can increase the body 's resistance to various damaging factors, preventing not only the development of diseases, but also premature aging.

The ability to turn the biological clock reverse the red brush is endowed by phytoestrogens - plant analogues of female sex hormones. Estrogens are called "sculptors" of the female body, because they are responsible for the even distribution of subcutaneous fat. They are also competent for smooth and resilient skin. These hormones have an effect on mood, regulate the menstrual cycle. Phytoestrogens act as regulators: in case of hormone deficiency they activate them, and in case of excess, on the contrary, neutralize them. Thus, unlike hormonal drugs, plant hormone substitutes act softly and do not cause overdoses (Biological role of phytoestrogens, Botoyev E. A., Ubeeva I. P., Nikolayev S. M., 2009).

The red brush takes an honorary place in pharmacopoeia due to its anti-inflammatory and decontaminating properties. Salidrosid, one of the main active components of the plant, is responsible for them. Therefore, it is successfully used in the control of infectious diseases of the female urogenital system.

The "Pantovital" capsules with red brush "contain powder of rhizomes and roots of red brush - they concentrate the maximum amount of useful components of the plant. Collection is carried out in hard-to-reach places of rocky slopes, exclusively by hand.

The antlers and red brush use:

To promote women 's health and maintain the functional state of the urogenital system;

For the harmonization of metabolism and the correction of excess body weight;

To increase the general tone of the body, tide of forces and energy (in cases of chronic fatigue syndrome, menopause, under conditions of high physical and mental loads, to achieve sports results, etc.);

To improve the effectiveness of post-injury recovery processes and chronic musculoskeletal diseases; With decreased memory and attention functions, including those associated with age-related changes in brain performance; To strengthen the immune system, including for the prevention of ARVI and influenza during seasonal epidemics.

Recommendations for use: adults 2 capsules 2 times in the morning during meals.

Duration of reception: 1 month. It is possible to re-receive within a year.


Individual intolerance of the product.

Composition: powder of maral antlers, Rhodiola algida (red brush).

Net weight: 39.6 g. Shelf life: 2 years. Storage conditions: store at a temperature of 0 ° C to 25 ° C and a relative humidity of not more than 75%.

Quantity 120 capsules

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"Pantovital" capsules with red brush

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