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Chudopan is recommended for care of the injured, dry and grown dull hair for men and women. Effectively strengthens the weakened roots of hair, prevents loss, improves blood supply and stimulates growth of healthy and strong hair. Contains the natural regenerating complex of vitamins, minerals and microelements which improves texture of hair therefore your hair become strong, dense and silky.

The efficiency is proved clinically. After use strengthening and improvement of growth of hair (98.3%), reduction of a hair loss by 81% is noted.

* the Test for use with the assistance of 100 patients.

Effect of drug:

  • strengthens and restores hair;
  • provides hair with food;
  • stimulates growth of hair;
  • improves thickness and density of hair;
  • helps to eliminate one of basic reasons of loss of hair — negative impact of a stress.

Structure: dry pantohematogen C.

Bottle contents: each bottle contains 10 capsules (doses) for preparation of a full course from 10 procedures.

Route of administration:

1. Preparation. Pour out one capsule of means in small net dry capacity, fill in 100-150 ml of warm boiled water. Water temperature should not exceed 37-38 °C. Stir within 1-2 minutes that solution became whenever possible uniform. Leave for 2-3 hours at the room temperature. The received solution needs to be used within 24 hours.

2. Drawing. Before use filter solution through 4 layers of a gauze. Rub means in head skin and a radical part of hair by means of a soft toothbrush or a brush for coloring of hair, moistening them in solution. Protect from hit in eyes. After drawing make light massage of head skin, wrap the head a warm towel and leave for 20-30 min. In completion of the procedure carefully rinse hair with warm water.

As a part of a full intensive course — 10 capsules for holding 10 procedures.

Categories: antler healing, skin, hair and nails.

Sanitary and epidemiologic conclusion No. 001190.09.09 of 07.09.2009

Quantity 10 capsules

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