• Gel for joints "Sustafast"
    Gel for joints "Sustafast" Gel for joints "Sustafast" Gel for joints "Sustafast"

Gel for joints "Sustafast" – the drug for treatment of joints framed on the basis of natural components. It instantly saves from pains, takes out inflammatory processes and improves the general state. The agent is developed for fight against an arthrosis, calcaneal spurs, gout, a bursitis and other diseases. Is issued in the form of a tube with gel of 50 ml. with the enclosed Emplastrum.

Folk remedies and synthetic drugs for treatment of joints not always cope with an objective. Besides, the patient risks emergence of complications and transition of a disease to a chronic current.

Sustafast for joints possesses a series of visible advantages:

  • quickly and for a long time saves from pain, takes out edemas
  • protects cartilaginous tissue from destruction
  • won't allow salts to collect
  • eliminates the infection which caused a disease
  • accelerates accretion of bones after injuries
  • has antitumoral effect, protecting from cancer neoplasms
  • normalizes quantity and improves quality of joint liquid
  • doesn't make collateral impact
  • it is certified

After the carried-out tests on volunteers Sustafast received comments of doctors and all of them of positive character. Only after one course patients edemas left, pain disappeared, a physical activity of joints was restored. At 97% of examinees cartilaginous tissue was completely restored, 95% recovered from osteochondrosis and arthritis.

The famous surgeons and orthopedists recommended Sustafast for joints. Responses of doctors guarantee fast disposal of a restraint, pain and a dyscomfort thanks to carefully picked up vegetable structure:

oil of a liver of a shark — activates protective forces of an organism, improves mobility and flexibility of joints, kills hypostases and pains of the struck area. Oil is rich with vitamins A and E, the Omega-3 acids and antioxidants.
chondroitin – the analog of cartilaginous tissue of the person received from tendons of animals and fishes. Substance is supported an elastance of cartilages, renders antiinflammatory effect, stimulates development of a bone tissue, strengthens ligaments and tendons.
the glucosamine – normalizes release of natural lubricant in joints, strengthens osteal and muscular tissues, promotes synthesis of a collagen and takes out a pain syndrome.
clover extract – helps bones to acquire a calcium, takes out inflammations, has antiseptic effect.
extract of a marsh cinquefoil – kills pains and inflammations in joints, regenerates cartilaginous tissue, removes salts, improves microblood circulation
When drawing on a sore point, components quickly get in a joint, eliminating pain and hypostasis. The bactericidal effect of gel doesn't allow an infection to extend in nearby tissues. The damaged cells are quickly restored, returning extremities former mobility.

It is necessary to apply Sustafast according to the enclosed instruction:

  • apply a small amount of gel on the struck surface,
  • with soft circular motions rub before full absorption,
  • close the processed place with Emplastrum

The full course makes 21 days. At serious destructions of cartilaginous tissue through a small break the course can be repeated.

Сapacity 50 ml.

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Gel for joints "Sustafast"

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