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At degenerative changes of joints, destruction of chondrocytes, disturbance of composition of synovial fluid.

10 capsules on 500 mg in the environment activator

The organic capsule in the environment activator is the complementary polyactive complex directed to normalization of division of chondrocytes, restoration of density of a cartilage, increase in population of chondrocytes, improvement of exchange processes of chondroblasts, structure and quality of synovial fluid, elimination of dystrophic changes of cartilaginous tissue of joints, disturbances of viscoelastic properties of synovial fluid, the accompanying disturbances of a musculoskeletal system, connecting fabric, a tone of vessels.

At a product there is a biomass of antlers of a maral containing a biogenic complex of aminoglycanes which pass into an active state in the environment of solution activator and conditions of digestive process of a small bowel.

Solution biocomponents at effect of enzymes of a small bowel intensify processes of dissolution of the capsule, form a biogenic active formula which within 20 minutes gets to a blood channel and reaches cells of chondroblasts, promoting activization of mitotic division and development of own chondrocytes, completion of emptiness of cartilaginous tissue of a periosteum chondrocytes from structure of the capsule and to suppression of formation of enzymes in chondroblasts which cause destruction of an intercellular matrix of cartilaginous tissue.

The organic native complex at dissolution of the capsule has the prolonged consecutive effect directed to regulation of exchange processes of synovial fluid, elimination of toxicosis, disturbance of blood circulation, inflammatory process of cartilaginous and connecting tissue of joints, the accompanying symptoms and disturbances.

Active formula promotes:
to restoration of population of chondrocytes, elimination of destructive processes of cartilaginous tissue;
to restoration of viscoelastic properties of articulate liquid, elimination of friction of periosteums of an epiphysis of bones, pains and inflammations;
normalization of blood supply of vessels and capillaries of a joint;
to improvement of depreciation characteristics of a joint and structures of a joint at an axial load;
to improvement of properties of lubricant of synovial fluid at the side loadings and movements rotating a joint;
to restoration of the filtering properties of articulate liquid and structures of a joint detaining dangerous cells and molecules which lead to destructive processes of a joint;
to improvement of protective barrier functions of a joint at an infection and degenerative change;
to increase in density of a bone tissue at osteoporosis;
to restoration of a surface of joints at friction and destruction of a cartilage;
to prevention of growth of bone thorns;
normalization of a tone of the connecting fabric adjacent to joints;
to improvement of mobility of a joint;
compensations of chondrocytes at endocrine, infectious, nervous, age, traumatic processes.

Structure of the capsule:
biomass of hydrolat of antlers of Altai maral, a concentrate of mollusks, a concentrate of DNA of milts salmon, cordyceps, Artemy, a concentrate of sheep wool, a native concentrate of rhizomes of a Potentilla marsh, a native concentrate of bark of a willow white, a native concentrate of leaves of laurels noble, a native concentrate of partitions of walnut, a native concentrate of fruits of cowberry, a native concentrate of a grass of a melissa ordinary, a native concentrate of a root of a burdock big, a native concentrate of flowers of a clover meadow, a native concentrate of leaves of a ginkgo bilob, a native concentrate of a grass of the St. John's wort which is made a hole, a native concentrate of fruits of a chestnut of sweet, mummy Altai cleaned, chondroitin sulfate.

Structure of the activator:
native oil of seeds of an amaranth, native oil of fruits of a sea-buckthorn, holly concentrate, concentrate pau d'arco, brown algas, concentrate of mollusks, orchis concentrate, globe-thistle concentrate, native concentrate of rhizomes of a silverweed white, native concentrate of a root of a plantain, native concentrate of fruits and roots of a dogrose cinnamon, native concentrate of musk of a beaver, trigonella, mustard white, turmeric, ginger, hyaluronic acid, glycosamine hydrochloride.

Activization of action of a complex and solution comes only in the conditions of the environment of a small bowel and at the prolonged release of active agents from the capsule. At this biochemical synthesis in the conditions of an organism the active natural formula with participation of own cells and enzymes is formed. It allows to receive the completely soluble formula in the cellular environment identical to cells of chondrocytes of individual population promoting natural restoration of structures of cartilaginous tissue, composition of articulate liquid, functions and conditions of adjacent connecting fabrics and blood vessels.

The capsule in the active environment has additional effect on functions of an endocrine system, promotes:
normalization of a hormonal background;
to prevention of destructive processes of cartilaginous tissue owing to disturbance of a hormonal background;
to prevention of destructive processes of a bone tissue because of the increased content of sugar in blood and disturbances of functions of a thyroid gland;
to increase in immune functions of cells;
to improvement of transport properties of articulate liquid, blood, lymph.

The complementary complex is a concentrate of natural components, does not contain preservatives, hormones, medicinal, genetically modified substances, does not possess teratogenic action, possesses the additional regulating and restoring action on nerve fibrils, immune functions, a condition of skin, exchange and digestive processes, a psychoemotional state.

It is recommended at destructive processes of a joint of various genesis, at injuries, autoimmune processes, endocrine changes, the age, inflammatory, infectious disturbances which are the reason of arthroses and the accompanying complications, at the raised loads of joints as a result of professional activity, at occupations by professional sports.

Reception to children of 6 years is allowed at pathology of articulate fabric of various genesis, sports loadings – for prevention of progressive destructive process of cartilaginous tissue and prevention of disability at mature age.

Route of administration:
to open a glass ampoule, to drink ampoule contents (solution together with the capsule).

Not to open the capsule! It is recommended to wash down with water after 10 minutes after reception. It is recommended to accept 1 time in the morning on a hungry stomach in 30 minutes prior to food. A course – 30 days.

Attention! Contents of a glass ampoule are a biogenic solution with the capsule which need to be drunk together for once. Not to take and not to open the capsule from solution. Drug has intensive operation only at intake of solution and the capsule in common.

Reception to children from 6 to 9 years: on 1 ampoule of 1 times in 2 days in the morning on a hungry stomach in 30 minutes prior to food.
Reception to children from 9 to 12 years: on 1 ampoule a day in the morning on a hungry stomach in 30 minutes prior to food.

Storage conditions: to store at a temperature not above 25 °C in the places remote from direct sunlight. The open ampoule is not recommended to be stored.
Period of validity: 2 years.
TU 10.89.19-100-67104832-2018

Weight 10 capsules by 500 mg.

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