• Venokrepin phytogel
    Venokrepin phytogel Venokrepin phytogel

It is recommended to use the agent Venokrepin in the following cases:

  • In the presence on integuments of the expressed capillary grid;
  • Edemas of legs;
  • Heavy feeling in the lower extremities;
  • As prophylactic;
  • For decrease of permeability of capillaries;
  • In case of need droppings of viscosity of a blood;
  • For stimulation of development of an antithrombin;
  • In qualities of the agent improving water and fatty exchange;
  • For rising of an elastance of venous vessels;
  • For anesthesia and adhesion of wounds.

Venokrepin phytogel is applied at the expressed capillary grid on a skin, edemas, feeling of gravity in legs. The advantage of Venokrepin phytogel is well-known in medicine, its medicinal properties are very high. Various extracts of herbs are a part of agent: hop, a camomile, a horse-chestnut (its action is equivalent to that which happens at constant wearing of elastic stockings), a witch-hazel, a thyme, rosemary, a fern and also apple cider vinegar and Mentholum which well refreshes a skin. The combination of extracts of plants gives high effect of phytogel use, at the same time allergic implications are almost brought to naught.

Way of preparation and use: Venokrepin phytogel is applied with a thin layer on area of the lower extremities twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. With mild circular movements gel is accurately rubbed in a skin before full absorption. Agent quickly gets under a skin and has medical effect. Experts recommend to treat for eight weeks. On a course about 6 tubas on 125 ml are necessary. Responses demonstrate that its use yields remarkable results. It is necessary to be adjusted on treatment before achievement of the purpose and to try not to interrupt procedures. Contraindications: individual intolerance of components.

In general it is necessary to notice that agent doesn't cause complications. However, there are exceptional cases of an allergy to extract of a certain grass. At pregnancy before the use of gel it is necessary to consult with the obstetrician-gynecologist and to use gel strictly on doctor's orders as extracts of herbs can cause rising of a circulation and frame problems of mother and to a fetus. Before the use of Venokrepin phytogel it is necessary to make the test for allergic reaction. A small amount of gel is applied on the wrist back. If in half an hour there are no erubescences or emergence of an itch, then agent can be used in the medical purposes.

Period of storage: 2 years. To store in the dry cool place.

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Venokrepin phytogel

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