• Shilajit cleared "Balm of mountains"
    Shilajit cleared "Balm of mountains" Shilajit cleared "Balm of mountains"

Shilajit - very popular agent, which isn't surprising, shilajit  absolutely safe substance which has a set of the medicinal properties which are provided with unique structure of a shilajit .

Shilajit represents the firm mass of dark brown or black color with a brilliant surface, bitterish on taste. At dissolution it gains color of densely brewing tea. Many organic substances and various trace substances are a part of this natural product. Shilajit  has a smoke specific smell, in water is dissolved with a small deposit.

The shilajit is a difficult complex of natural components: hippuric acid, urea, proteic matters, amino acids, series of vitamins of group B, C, A, enzymes, steroid bonds and essential oils.

The balanced combination of the various organic and mineral compounds which are a part of a shilajit  (organic acids, amino acids, more than 30 micro and macrocells), defines its widest range of action.

Ancient east wise men said that only the shilajit  saves from death. And this is true: the best environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless agent, perhaps, doesn't exist. Altai shilajit promotes improvement of a blood formation, stimulation of immune system, helps work of a liver, is applied as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drug.

The conducted clinical trials showed that contraindications to use shilajit are neither pregnancy, nor feeding by a breast.

Shilajit accept as the tonic and fortifying agent helping to increase protective forces of the organism normalizing mineral exchange, accelerating processes of an angenesis, possessing antiinflammatory and moderate bactericidal action. Besides, the shilajit helps to normalize a metabolism.

Shilajit affects a set of the vital processes of an organism, and this mechanism of action is very difficult, influences multilaterally on all vital activity, its various processes. For example: in any pharmaceutical agent only 5 - 6 elements which are chemically picked up in the artificial way are combined, and in shilajit take place about 50 components which are picked up by the nature.

The most valuable agent Altai shilajit vitally was repaid throughout a series of centuries and its action is evidence-based by clinical trials.

Shilajit at constant introduction in organism is not toxical. Results of researches show validity of use shilajit at pyoinflammatory processes.

Shilajit cleared "Balm of mountains" in tablets - a convenient and safe form of use. Depending on a case, a shilajit in tablets is possible to use without being afraid of an overdosage. The instruction contains the general references on use, and the organism will receive necessary amount of substance.

Especially effectively Altai shilajit "Balm of mountains" helps at auxiliary treatment of the following diseases (as an additional tool at the main treatment):

  • As the anti-inflammatory, antitoxic, fortifying drug restoring the lowered function of peripheric nervous trunks or the analization centers of a brain, positively participates in a biosynthesis of a cell of DNA that leads to the strengthened division and augmentation of quantity of cells.
  • Elimination of combustions, cicatrixes, extensions on a body.
  • Shilajit positively influences work of a GIT.
  • It is considered that shilajit one of the best agents at an allergy, and systematic reception shilajit can promote prophylaxis of an allergy.
  • Shilajit one of the strongest agents at an acne eruption. Acnes and spots are a heartrending experience for the teenager, about 70% of young people suffer from spots up to 30 years.
  • Shilajit perfectly proved at auxiliary treatment of bronchial asthma, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis.
  • Shilajit effective supportive application at a basic course of treatment of Diabetum.
  • The Shilajit is widely used for treatment of an urolithiasis, a renal failure, cystitis.
  • Gained special importance of a shilajit as the activator of an osteanagenesis and as an antiseptic.
  • It is useful at diseases of an ear, gums, a liver, hearts, has favorable effect on a series of important vital signs of an organism.
  • Rubbing in a skin of a shilajit renders positive effect at problems of a peripheric nervous system, radiculites, neurodermites, neuralgia of a facial and trigeminal nerve.
  • Use of a shilajit affects bracing on a human body, promotes addition and restoration of the lost energy.

Shilajit has no contraindications on use in moderate doses, and on the contrary, protective adaptogen properties are positive, take out feeling of fatigue and affect bracing on a human body, are promoted addition and restoration become invalid, by energies.


On 1 tablet 1-2 times a day during meal. Duration of reception is 30 days. Course 3 months continuously.

Shilajit is possible to accept early in the morning, right after awakening, or for the night in 3 hours after a dinner. Having accepted shilajit in the morning, 30 - 40 more minutes are desirable to be in a bed at rest.

Prophylaxis and auxiliary treatment of flu and other viral infections

In the period of a flu epidemic to accept shilajit twice a day in the preventive purposes as the adaptagen agent reducing a possibility of a disease of flu.

Shilajit has the highly effective stimulating effect on process of an adhesion of fractures, terms of accretion can be reduced considerably. Shilajit, contains a complex of trace substances, helps to stimulate oxidation-reduction processes immediately in sick tissues, than promotes active neogenesis.


Thanks to the itch reducing and antiinflammatory action shilajit promotes essential acceleration of destruction of pathological processes on a skin. As a result of action of lotions the inflammatory phenomena decrease within 3-5 days.

It is noticed what shilajit helps to strengthen an angenesis, promotes more fast purification of a wound from dead tissues, reduces probability of formation of cicatrixes.

Peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum

Shilajit  helps to accelerate an adhesion of ulcers of various genesis. In combination with the main treatment there pass stomach aches, delicacy, irritability, a sleep disorder, there are recovery processes in glands, vulnerability of a mucosa decreases.


Shilajit helps to have at a basic course of treatment the stimulating effect on structure of a peripheric blood, enlarging number of erythrocytes and raising a hemoglobin.

The combination of shilajit with scarlet can be used as effective supportive application at all forms of oncologic diseases.

Use of a shilajit in the cosmetic purposes

Cream from extensions:

Dissolve 2 - 4 grams of a shilajit in a teaspoon of boiled water. Admix with 1 tube (80-100 grams) of children's cream (it is possible with cream from a cellulitis). Rub to problem places once a day. Store in a refrigeration cabinet.

Mask from a shilajit for hair: Dilute a small amount of a shilajit in hair shampoo. When washing the head soap the prepared weight, make foam and take on hair within 3-5 minutes to give the chance of a shilajit effectively to influence bulbs of hair. Wash away everything.

Dietary supplement. Isn't medicine. All described prescriptions are provided in the fact-finding purposes and as addition to the main treatment.

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Shilajit cleared "Balm of mountains"

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