• Brakshun of the "Sashera-Med"

Structure: native concentrate of brakshun, native concentrate of the Altai maral antlers.

Brakshun contains of 49 minerals, vital for an organism (potassium, sodium, a magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, etc.) in easily acquired form and doesn't contain toxiferous elements (lead, cadmium, Hydrargyrum, arsenic).

Properties of a natural mineral complex under the name "Brakshun" are known more than 4 thousand years. It is applied in the Tibetan medicine now.

Brakshun of the "Sashera-Med" trademark gathers in Mountain Altai at the height not less than 2 thousand meters above sea level when using the special analytical equipment excluding hit of foreign minerals. Brakshun of the "Sashera-Med" trademark is standardized on mineral composition, doesn't contain toxiferous elements. Is issued only in the company packing capsule (3 g) guaranteeing quality and authenticity of mineral.

Brakshun – a unique natural form of a complex of the trace substances promoting restoration of own immunity of an organism, stopping development of chronic adverse processes in an organism.

Physiological effect of brakshun with the Altai maral antlers:

  • the toning and restoring action;
  • improves mental and physical activity at larger loads;
  • fast and natural restoration of bone and cartilaginous tissue at fractures;
  • complete elimination of viral and bacterial infections of various parentage, including digestive disturbances;
  • fast elimination of inflammatory processes of organs of a small pelvis, the ENT specialist - organs, a musculoskeletal system;
  • fast adhesion of wounds, cicatrization of open wounds within several minutes;
  • instant hemostatic action (internal and external);
  • has tumor killing effect;
  • restores mineral balance in an organism, necessary for normal work of a thyroid gland and a brain.

References on use of brakshun:

  • for rising of immunity at frequent infections, inflammations, stresses;
  • for acceleration of merging of bones at fractures;
  • for elimination of inflammatory, infectious, purulent processes on a skin;
  • at joint pains and muscles (outwardly and inside);
  • for elimination of diseases of a liver (including virus and toxication);
  • at disturbance of cardiovascular activity, changes in vessels, atherosclerotic changes – promotes correction of arterial pressure, positively influences at coronary heart disease;
  • for elimination of gastrointestinal disorders (a colitis, gastritises, a peptic ulcer);
  • for the prevention of inflammatory processes of organs of genitourinary system for men and women;
  • at inflammatory processes of the top respiratory tracts, for an irrigation mucous a nose at genyantrites;
  • for elimination of a parodontosis (in the form of gargles);
  • for elimination of inflammations of a throat (in the form of gargles);
  • for acceleration of an adhesion of combustions and wounds, including trophic and purulent ulcers (outwardly);
  • for elimination of a dermal dermatitis, including  allergic (outwardly and inside);                                                                 
  • interferes with an innidiation;
  • for normalization of work of a thyroid gland;
  • at hormonal disturbances, for the prevention of symptoms of a climacteric;
  • at memory disturbance, as a calmative (contains magnesium salts);
  • at all types of a diabetes mellitus.

Route of administration

Inside: dissolve 3 g of powder (1 company packing capsule) in 3 liters of boiled water of room temperature, accept the adult 0,5 glasses (100 ml) of solution 3 times a day in 30 minutes prior to food. Reception duration – 4 weeks. It is recommended to conduct 4 courses a year

At a hyperoxemia of a gastric juice it is recommended to dissolve 3 g of powder (1 company packing capsule) in 3 liters of boiled water of room temperature, to accept 0,5 glasses (100 ml) 3 times a day in 1 hour prior to food. Reception duration – 4 weeks. It is recommended to conduct 4 courses a year.

Outwardly in the form of compresses: To dissolve 3 g of powder (1 company packing capsule) in 2 liters of boiled water of room temperature, wet a tissue with solution, impose on a problem body part in the form of a compress. Leave for 1-3 hours. After putting off of a compress wipe with a dry towel. 3-5 compresses a week, no more than 1 compress a day are recommended. For intensifying of action it is recommended to use antiinflammatory natural cream of a series of Dobrodey with shilajit.

For an irrigation and gargle of mucous: dissolve 0,1 g of powder (on a knife end) in 0,5 glasses (100 ml) of boiled water of room temperature, use for a gargle and an irrigation at inflammatory and purulent processes (use in the form of microclysters and wads is possible).

Store the prepared solution at the room temperature no more than 10 days, avoiding hit of a direct sunlight.

Contraindications: individual intolerance, pregnancy, feeding by a breast.

Storage conditions: store in the dry, protected from light place at a temperature not above 25 °C and relative humidity no more than 75%.

Period of validity: 3 years.

Nutrition value in 100 g: 

carbohydrates – 0 g fats – 0 g 

proteins – 0 g

organic acids – 0,5 g

Energy value: 2,0 kcal

TU 9190-009-67104832-11

Weight: 3 g

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Brakshun of the "Sashera-Med"

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