• Brakshun with a glucosamine "Sashera-Med" trademark
    Brakshun with a glucosamine "Sashera-Med" trademark Brakshun with a glucosamine "Sashera-Med" trademark

The native mineral complex of brakshun has absolute biological activity and compatibility with organism cells, doesn't render undesirable side effects, delivers active agents, vitamins, minerals immediately in a cell. The native concentrate of brakshun in a complex with a glucosamine has the effective antiinflammatory and restoring effect on cartilaginous tissue, prevents wear of a cartilage, eliminates pain and inflammatory process, normalizes metabolic processes in a joint and prevents the accompanying changes from vessels, immunity, disturbances of a physical activity and deformation of joints. Native brakshun delivers a glucosamine by the molecular principle immediately to the circumarticular area.

Structure: brakshun native, glucosamine hydrochloride, gum. 

Brakshun with a glucosamine, suspension drop is the native concentrated form of the purified original brakshun with addition of a glucosamine.

The glucosamine – a polysaccharide which is developed by cartilaginous tissue of a joint and is a part of synovial fluid. Native brakshun – natural substance of a mineral parentage, is characterized by a mineral complex, special on chemical composition and a molecular structure (a combination of 48 mineral components in a chelated molecular form).  

The glucosamine promotes at the same time restoration of a cartilage together with a mineral complex of brakshun, gum as a part of brakshun improves the "slipping" properties of a cartilage, takes out inflammatory process. In a complex three of components of brakshun promote simultaneous restoration of a cartilage, elimination of inflammatory process and pain, normalization of metabolic processes in a cartilage and to entering of a blood, improvement of a physical activity, rising of a tonus of an organism, restoration of forces and immunity, the prevention of tumoral changes

600 drops of suspension (1 vial) of an intensiv-formula of brakshun with a glucosamine promote intensive restoration of a physical activity of a joint, normalization of metabolic processes, the prevention of the accompanying changes at an arthrosis, are effective: 

  • for improvement of a physical activity and mobility of joints; 
  • for restoration of cartilaginous tissue; for elimination of inflammations and pains in joints, puffiness; 
  • for elimination of infectious and inflammatory processes in joints; 
  • at the accompanying disturbances from gastrointestinal and cardiovascular tract, a lymph.

Route of administration: for preparation of suspension in a vial pour the water purified to shoulder-straps, stir it up. Dissolve 10 drops of suspension in 100 ml of water, accept the prepared solution completely on 3 times a day in 20 min. prior to food. A course – 20 days. 4 courses a year are recommended.  

Outwardly in the form of compresses: Dissolve 10 drops of suspension in 100 ml of water, apply the prepared solution on gauze fabric and put to a problem zone. For irrigation, rinsings, syringings: Dissolve 10 drops of suspension in 100 ml. of water, use the prepared solution for irrigation, rinsings, syringings. 

Contraindications: individual intolerance of components.  

Storage conditions: store in the dry place, inaccessible for children, at a temperature not above 25 °C. 

Expiration date: 3 years.  

 TU 9190-009-67104832-11

Mass of powder: 3 g.

Storage life 3 years
Сapacity 50 ml.

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Brakshun with a glucosamine "Sashera-Med" trademark

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