• Cedar oil "Mount of Altai"

Cedar oil "Mount of Altai" — the richest source of A, B, D, F vitamins and trace substances. Vitamin A makes cedar oil useful for children for body height and promotes vision improvement. High content of vitamins of groups B and D normalizes activity of a nervous system and improves structure of a blood. Cedar oil by 5 times surpasses olive oil in the content of vitamin E and by 3 times — coconut. Vitamin E plays an important role in all genesial processes: functioning of a reproductive system, fetation, body height of an organism, and also in the course of a lactemia. Therefore cedar oil is recommended for the normal course of pregnancy. It surpasses the known source of this vitamin — cod-liver oil. It is known that vitamin F — the irreplaceable fatty acids which are responsible for body height and cell renewal isn't synthesized in a human body, and arrives only with a nutrition. And thanks to irreplaceable fatty acids cedar oil has ability to bring out radionukleida effectively from organism, serious metals and other toxins. Cedar oil is useful for people of all ages: to children for development of an organism and the adult for conservation of youth and health. 


Cedar oil is recommended to the people living in the large cities and in other ecologically polluted districts; for working with the raised psychological and exercise stresses; at a peptic ulcer of a stomach and a duodenum, and also operated about it; with the increased arterial pressure and for prophylaxis of an atherosclerosis; at a pulmonary tuberculosis; at treatment of combustions, cicatrixes and other dermal illnesses; to children for full formation of an organism; to pregnant women and the feeding women.

Energy value 898 kcal.
Nutrition value In 100 g of a product: fats - 99,9 g.
Storage life 12 months
Сapacity 100 ml.

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Cedar oil "Mount of Altai"

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