• Sea-buckthorn oil
    Sea-buckthorn oil Sea-buckthorn oil

Sea-buckthorn oil — excellent wound healing and anti-inflammatory drug.

Often sea-buckthorn oil is applied as a polyvitaminic agent, at hypo and avitaminoses, and also asthenias at adults on 1 teaspoon for half an hour before food.

In traditional medicine sea-buckthorn oil was always appreciated as the anesthetic, normalizing the arterial pressure, reducing risk of a thrombogenesis, preventing the formation on walls of vessels of dangerous cholesteric plaques, strengthening immunity, increasing protective functions of an organism. Oil was prepared in the Russian furnace from sourish bright orange fetuses of a sea-buckthorn and applied to treatment of difficult healing ulcers and wounds, including a stomach, a staxis of gums, an avitaminosis.

Use for the people inclined to the frequent viral infections, suffering from chronic inflammatory processes after operative measures is recommended, in this case sea-buckthorn oil works as the nonspecific imunostimulator, and promotes restoration of tissues, is also used inside before food by one teaspoon. For strengthening of the top respiratory tracts: rhinites, pharyngitises, tonsillitis, genyantrites, and also at respiratory viral infections, it is locally processed mucous a nose and an oral cavity.

Oil of a sea-buckthorn is applied at digestive tract illnesses: gastritises, stomach ulcers and a duodenum, a colitis, constipations, the lowered physical activity of an intestine, toxic lesions of a liver, pancreatitis, tumors, etc. In this case emphasis on antiinflammatory and wound healing property of sea-buckthorn oil which is applied inside, on a teaspoon before food and in the form of microclysters is placed.

In surgical practice of sea-buckthorn oil is applied after operative measures on an esophagus, a stomach, a small and large intestine. As a wound healing agent of postoperative seams and wounds. Besides, and outwardly: combustions (thermal, solar, chemical, radial), furuncles, fistulas, ulcers on a skin, abscesses, etc.

In dermatology for intensifying of body height of hair, a fast adhesion of wounds of any etiology, grazes, a psoriasis, a neurodermite. It is especially important to consider that the earlier use of sea-buckthorn oil began, the cicatrixes are formed less or they happen not so rasping.

In a cosmetology at problem face skin, arms, a body, its use is especially useful at

dry skin to take out an ecdysis, promotes elimination of an acne eruption (sea-buckthorn

oil is rich with the substances having bactericidal, antiinflammatory and antiseptic effect). Improves a condition of hair and head skin, strengthens hair bulbs, interferes with a hair loss at a seborrhea, stimulates body height of hair, adding them gloss and silkiness.

In an odontology at stomatites, wounds of a mucous oral cavity, a periodontitis, pulpites.

In an ophthalmology high efficiency of oil of a sea-buckthorn in cases of ulcers and defects of a cornea, a keratitis, a conjunctivitis, burns of eyes, including chemical and radial is proved.

In gynecology it is applied locally, at erosions, ulcers mucous vaginas and necks of uterus,

colpites, and also other inflammatory diseases or traumatic lesions, in

type of the wads impregnated with sea-buckthorn oil.

At oncologic diseases oil of a sea-buckthorn helps to transfer easier a chemotherapy and

strengthens medical action of tsitostatik.

Sea-buckthorn oil is made on technology of a cold extraction that allows to keep all useful properties and natural quality of a product.

Period of validity — 12 months.

Сapacity 100 ml.

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Sea-buckthorn oil

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