• The fir essential oil
    The fir essential oil The fir essential oil

The fir essential oil has the following medicinal properties:

  • Is a source of natural provitamins and phytoncides.
  • Stimulates immunity.
  • Has antiseptic, tonic effect on respiration; eliminates inflammatory processes in the top respiratory tracts, in bronchi and lungs; it is applied at treatment of acute respiratory viral diseases.
  • Takes off pain, puffiness and an inflammation at a rheumatic disease, osteochondrosis, arthritis, neuralgia, a radiculitis, etc. inflammatory processes of a nervous system.
  • Restores visual acuity at overwork of eyes.
  • Effectively at an integument inflammation, a magnificent agent at a frostbite.
  • Is suitable for care of fat face skin, it is used at an acne eruption.
  • Well rejuvenates a skin, smoothes wrinkles, promotes a fast adhesion of fine wounds on a skin, reduces a diaphoresis, eliminates unpleasant smells.

Routes of administration

Air aromatization: 4-5 drops on 15 sq.m for disinfection of the room of the patient use 10 drops to place fir oil in an aromalamp.

Inhalations: for treatment acute respiratory and virus infections and flu use 2 drops of fir to apply on a handkerchief and inhale deeply.

Aromamedalyon: fill in 2-3 drops of oil in capacity then to bring to a nose to make several deep inspirations. Repeat the procedure several times with a break of 2-5 minutes.

Enrichment of cosmetic drugs: 4-6 drops on 10 g of a cosmetic basis. It is the most effective to add oil to creams for elimination of a sweating and a smell.

Lotions: impregnate with pure fir oil gauze napkins and hold 20-30 min. on a skin of feet at a fungus.

Polishing of fingernails: apply pure fir oil on a nail plate and rub vigorously small pillows of fingers.

Compress: the admixture of fir oil (70%) and Vishnevsky's ointments (30%) apply on a gauze napkin and put to furuncles, an anthrax, panaritiums.

Massage: 6-7 drops on 15 g of massage oil or cream.

Grinding: At flu, ORZ, and other catarrhal diseases rub oil in a collar zone of a back, a breast, make massage of feet on reflex zones for 4-5 times within a day. After each procedure wrap the patient of sheets, cover with a warm blanket, give sudorific infusion from the collecting of herbs.

In the Russian saunas fir oil is used in the diluted view from calculation of 5 drops on 500 ml of water. Sprinkle with this admixture wooden benches and walls.

Bathtub: At a rheumatic disease, gout and a fatigue of muscles of 8 drops of oil admix with 1 tablespoon of honey and add to a bathtub. In 15-20 min. after acceptance of a hot bathtub (+ 37 0C) there is a feeling of ease, the fatigue disappears, stress is reduced. The dream at the same time becomes quiet and deeper.

Rinsing: to add 10 drops of fir oil to the container with cool water (3-5 liters) and pour out on itself water. After the procedure it is possible to be wiped or not to be wiped a towel at will.

For care of hair of any type: 10-15 drops of oil on 100 ml. shampoo and wash the head as usual.

Nutritious mask for hair: mix 5 drops of fir oil and 2 spoons of warm olive peach or apricot oil. Rub the received mix in head skin, wrap up the head a towel, take 30 minutes and wash away shampoo.

Aromatization of linen: add the 15 drops of fir oil to laundry detergent or fabric softener (30-50 g). At an ironing of linen it is possible to add oil to water for the steaming.

Сapacity 30 ml.

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The fir essential oil

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