• The agent for intimal hygiene "Dobrodey" for women

The agent for intimal hygiene "Dobrodey" for women is made of natural components which render intensive antiinflammatory, analgesic, antimicotic, anti-infectious, antiedematous operation.

Structure components in a complex promote the prevention of fungic processes (candidiasis), changes of mucous genitals (erosion), tumoral changes, sterilities, climacteric symptoms, an endometriosis, disturbances of functions of ovaries, changes and inspissations of mammary glands, and also normalize hormonal balance, a menstrual cycle and structure of a microflora of mucosas of genitals, restore a tonus of muscles of genitourinary organs.

Structure: cocoa butter, lecithin, beeswax, a biomass of Altai maral antlers, Propolisum, a bee subpestilence, honey, cedar oil, St. John's Wort oil, amaranth oil, oil of pion amphibological, extract of a pine-forest uterus, yarrow extract, camomile extract, shelf fungus extract, extract of a red brush, broccoli extract, extract of two-stick stingfish, extract lespedeets, wintergreen extract, pion extract, crude turpentine cedar, vitamin PP, vitamin E, an essential oil of a tea tree, an essential oil of a juniper, stone oil.

Route of administration: exempt 1 suppository with clean hands from aseptic packing, enter smoothly vaginally on depth not less than 3 cm. Influence time – 3-5 hours then release of natural oils and a wax basis is possible. A reception course – 7 days, on 1 suppository a day. For more expressed effect of influence before use of suppository it is recommended to wash with boiled water carefully mucous genitourinary organs.

Storage life 2 years
Weight 7x1 g.

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The agent for intimal hygiene "Dobrodey" for women

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