• Cosmetics of  intimal hygiene "Dobrodey" for men

Cosmetics of  intimal hygiene "Dobrodey" for men is made of natural components which render intensive antiinflammatory, analgesic, antimicotic, anti-infectious, antiedematous operations. Structure components in complex promote prevention of degenerative changes of a prostate, disturbance of hormonal balance, the prevention of tumoral changes of male genitals and sexual delicacy.

Structure: cocoa butter, lecithin, beeswax, biomass of Altai maral antlers, Propolisum, bee subpestilence, honey, cedar oil, St. John's Wort oil, oil of seeds of pumpkin, oil of a sulfurwort, extract of a clover, yarrow, neetle, shelf fungus, red root, pennycress, creeping milkweed, larch Siberian, badger fat, stone oil, beaver stream, crude turpentine cedar, PP vitamin, vitamin E, essential oil of a juniper, essential oil of a tea tree, camomile extract, oil extract of roots of a burdock, old man's beard extract.

  • Cocoa butter – possesses the softening, nutritious action on mucous and skin.
  • Lecithine – possesses the moistening action, takes out a boring, promotes an angenesis (adhesion).
  • Beeswax – possesses antibacterial, anti-infectious action, restores metabolic processes in cells.
  • Antlers of the Altai maral – promote inflow of a blood, microcirculation improvement, restore a hormonal background, possess tonic action, strengthen walls of mucous, improve a tonus of vessels, warn an impotency.
  • Propolisum – possesses antiinflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic action.
  • The bee subpestilence – promotes elimination of pain, edemas, wounds, bleedings, is a source of easily acquired vitamins and minerals.
  • Honey – possesses tonic action, takes out inflammatory processes, possesses fortifying action. – strengthens inflow of a blood to extremities, improves a circulation, renewal of cells of tissues.
  • Vitamin E – promotes restoration of sexual functions.
  • Cedar oil – a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, improves metabolic processes, improves a functional condition of organs of a small pelvis.
  • St. John's Wort oil – promotes elimination of congestive processes, a pus formation, improves a circulation.
  • Oil of seeds of pumpkin – has salutary effect on work of a prostate, improves erectile function and normalizes process of a spermatogenesis, protects tissues and vessels of genitourinary organs from development in them of inflammatory processes. – prevents development of an impotency and prostatitis, restores sexual functions of men and women, reduces inflammatory processes and takes out a pain syndrome. 
  • Oil extract of roots of a burdock – promotes prevention of tumoral processes, edemas, restoration of a normal microflora mucous, to cell renewal.
  • Badger fat – eliminates inflammatory processes, prevents boring, an itch, reddening of mucosas and body parts around genitals, restores cellular immunity. – interferes with formation of thrombi in vessels, improves an elastance of vessels and walls mucous.
  • Yarrow extract – possesses the antiinflammatory, antibacterial, abirritating action, takes out a boring.
  • Camomile extract – shows the antibacterial, abirritating action, strengthens outflow of excess liquid.
  • Shelf fungus extract – possesses antitumoral action.
  • Extract of a red root – strengthens sexual functions, prevents development of a prostatitis and adenoma. – the powerful anti-infectious, antitumoral natural tool, improves the organism resilience to inflammations, infections, a degeneration of cells.
  • The beaver stream – possesses wound healing action, interferes with development of inflammatory and tumoral processes of organs of a small pelvis, improves a potency, strengthens development and quality of an ejaculate.
  • Neetle extract – interferes with emergence of a prostatitis.
  • Cedar crude turpentine – restores a circulation, possesses the antibacterial, healing action.
  • Old man's beard extract – a natural antibiotic, prevents inflammatory, bacterial and infectious processes, takes out a painful symptom, eliminates purulent processes.
  • Extract of a creeping milkweed – prevents a numbness and an anesthesia of genitals, interferes with formation of thrombi and hemorrhoidal cones.
  • Extract of a Siberian larch – a strong natural antioxidant, prevents sexual delicacy, age changes.
  • Essential oils of a tea tree and juniper – promote prevention of infections in organs of genitourinary system, make potent positive impact at chronic inflammatory processes and sterility.

Way of use: exempt 1 suppository with clean hands from aseptic packing, enter smoothly by rectal on depth not less than 3 cm. Influence time – 3-5 hours then release of natural oils and a wax basis is possible. A reception course – 7 days, on 1 suppository once a day. For more expressed influence before use of suppository it is recommended to use a water or soda clyster within 5 minutes.

Way of preparation of a water clyster: the water has to be purified at a temperature of 37 °C – 800 ml, baking soda – 36 g. Dissolve soda in water, enter solution  by means of a clyster, keeping time – 5 minutes.

Storage life 2 years
Weight 7x1 g.

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Cosmetics of intimal hygiene "Dobrodey" for men

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