• A piece of rock crystal
    A piece of rock crystal A piece of rock crystal A piece of rock crystal

Scientists and philosophers of Ancient Greece and Rome have been sure that pieces of rock crystal are the hardened ice turned into transparent stones. From this mineral in all times there were produced various objects of use, ware, priests and attendants of temples used magnifying glasses for receiving "divine" fire in temples, and doctors at the beginning of the millennium used "incendiary glasses" for cauterization of wounds in the field of fight. Tibet and Ancient India made ideal crystal spheres which were used in Buddhist ceremonies. In mythology there is a legend, that gods have executed desire of the person who has come to the temple bearing before itself a piece of rock crystal. Mascots from this stone absorb positive power, are symbols of transparency of thoughts and purity of soul of the person. This magic stone will help to cope with difficulties and will clear your karma.

Size 2,5Х2,5Х7 cm.

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A piece of rock crystal

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