• Agate geode
    Agate geode Agate geode Agate geode Agate geode

Agate geode - very unusual mineral formation. Outside it seems that it is a usual semiprecious stone, but inside it contains crystals, surprising on the beauty. This is a stratifications of quartz and chalcedony, in general, geodes are formed in various rocks, in natural emptiness. Further on them correctly structured minerals of various forms accrue. Crystal educations are formed under the influence of various factors, such as pressure, moisture, various chemical and mineral elements inside. It is very long process, many found geodes count up to 300 million years. If crystals completely fill space, then such mineral is called concretion. Since ancient times people know about magic and medicinal properties of these minerals. They are applied in shaman practicians worldwide. Only the person with true thoughts can find a geode. If to place it in the house, then it will protect from negative impacts, will absorb negative power and will improve the emotional atmosphere.

Size 2Х4,5Х7,5 cm.

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Agate geode

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