• The amethyst geode
    The amethyst geode The amethyst geode The amethyst geode The amethyst geode The amethyst geode

The amethyst geode is a formation in breed with the emptiness inside filled with crystals of amethyst and a firm cover outside. Geodes can be of various sizes and forms. The smallest less than a centimeter are also called tonsils. The biggest have own names, and the person quietly enters them, such are called caves. Education of a geode happens very quickly due to isolation of space. As a rule, it is caused by proximity to thermal sources. The waters containing various minerals get to emptiness and then dry, the concentrated salt begins to crystallize and outgrowths to various forms. Sometimes, formation of crystals doesn't happen, instead of it stratification of minerals is formed. The geode very beautifully looks in a section. The amethyst geode has mystical attractiveness and won't leave anybody indifferent.

Size 13Х18Х23,5 cm.

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The amethyst geode

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