• Big amethyst druze
    Big amethyst druze Big amethyst druze Big amethyst druze Big amethyst druze

Big amethyst druze represents group of the crystals of amethyst connected among themselves located on the platform from rock. Amethyst is a lilac kind of quartz, a hierarchal stone as still it is called. It allows the owner to find wisdom of adoption of the correct vital decisions, helps to develop abilities, opens the new horizons. If to store the druze of the raw amethyst of the house, the energy field will improve, there will be a protection against negative impacts, will help the druze with adjustment of the family relations. In translation from Greek the name of a stone means - not drunk. For a long time it is considered that the stone helps to overcome inclination to alcohol, preserves the person against rash acts. Many people carry amethyst as a symbol of love and fidelity. If to present a stone to the soulmate it will strengthen or will wake the grown dull feelings, will help to save love and marriage.

Size 11,5Х14Х14,5 cm.

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Big amethyst druze

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