• Egg-shaped pyrites
    Egg-shaped pyrites Egg-shaped pyrites Egg-shaped pyrites Egg-shaped pyrites

Pyrites meets quite seldom and have several names, for example, the most widespread are a gold of the fool, a stone of inka, iron sulfide. Has a yellowish shade and metal gloss therefore it can be confused with gold. Pyrites have medicinal properties, especially it affects well to a nervous system, improves the general state and stimulates internal resources of an organism. Helps to reach balance and harmonious development of all organism. Ancient Inca considered that the stone has potent magic properties, it is capable to allocate the man with big mental force. But it is necessary to be careful, the stone can do much harm, it makes sense to wear ornament from this mineral only a few days, then you have to take a break. Egg-shaped pyrites on a cedar support can be placed in the house, it will help to solve financial problems and will introduce wellbeing and harmony to your house.

Diameter 2,5 cm.
Length Egg - 5 cm., support - 2,5 cm.

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Egg-shaped pyrites

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