• Rock crystal
    Rock crystal Rock crystal Rock crystal

Rock crystal is one of the few minerals which can be completely transparent. Subjected to processing, the crystal becomes incredibly beautiful, refracts a sunlight and sparkles all colors of the rainbow. In Ancient Tibet and India doctors used crystal for treatment of wounds. Ultraviolet, passing through a body of mineral helped to kill pathogenic bacteria. Rock crystal is an excellent amulet with outstanding properties. The person carrying crystals clears the thoughts and is loaded with positive energy. The Druze, placed indoors helps to improve the relations at the intuitive level, creates the atmosphere of comfort and absorbs negative power. Monks from Tibet apply in their practics special crystal balls to establish contacts with the astral world as it is the purest type of quartz making the greatest part of a surface of our planet and optimum suitable for monitoring of vibrations of space.

Size 3Х5,5Х7,5 cm.

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Rock crystal

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