• The stone porphyry
    The stone porphyry The stone porphyry The stone porphyry The stone porphyry

The stone porphyry is very widespread in the countries of Europe. It was formed as a result of hardening of magmatic breeds with impregnations of quartz and feldspar. Thanks to the properties and beauty it is widely used in finishing of rooms, buildings, in landscaping. In a raw state looks not really beautiful, but its properties fully reveal after grinding and polishing. It have received the name as practically all semiprecious stones, from the Greek word meaning "purple". It was known and was applied since the most ancient times, it was very much appreciated in Ancient Rome in which it was widely used for creation of figures of emperors. Very much Cleopatra - the queen of Egypt loved it, she possessed his only field at that time. "Purpleborn" in ancient Byzantium conferred a title only on the babies born in the porphyritic hall of the imperial palace in Constantinople that spoke about the greatest status of the newborn.

Size 15Х22Х28 cm.

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The stone porphyry

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