• Tea "Sagan-Dayla" Adams's rhododendron
    Tea "Sagan-Dayla" Adams's rhododendron Tea "Sagan-Dayla" Adams's rhododendron Tea "Sagan-Dayla" Adams's rhododendron

Adams's rhododendron grows on stony slopes and in mountain forests of Mongolia, Tibet, Altai and the Far East of Russia. The plant meets under the name sagan-daylya that is literally transferred from Buryat as "White wings", but one more value – "Has life prolonging".

Tea sagan-daylya possesses the following impact on a human body:

  • tones up, saves from drowsiness and fatigue, makes active brain activity;
  • has antiinflammatory and bactericidal properties;
  • strengthens immunity;
  • slows down aging process;
  • provides prevention of diseases of vessels, stimulates cardiac performance, kidneys;
    has light diuretic effect, saves from puffiness;
  • cleans from toxins and slags;
  • promotes removal of stones from kidneys;
  • it is used for intestinal microflora restoration;
  • helps to cope with a condition of a hangover;
  • has beneficial influence on an urinogenital system and a potentiality;
  • regulates a dream, lightens the mood and strengthens a nervous system.

Herb drink sagan-daylya will present a positive spirit for all day. According to reviews the power stimulating properties of tea are similar to effect of the use of a ginseng or a magnolia vine. One more feature which is possessed by drink with Adams's rhododendron — ability to facilitate an abstinence syndrome. Such tea will help to clean with that who leaves off smoking or struggles with other dependence an organism, to strengthen a nervous system and "to give up" an addiction. It is useful to use tea sagan-daylya in the period of serious intellectual or exercise stresses. During a work involving all hands at work or a session at institute grass drink will increase endurance, will help to concentrate on the current tasks and to qualitatively execute them.

Recipes of tea, traditional way of preparing of a rhododendron of Adams:

  1. fill in 3-5 leaves of 200 ml. of boiled water;
  2. insist 7-10 minutes;
  3. filter;
  4. at desire add a little natural honey.

It is possible to make a herb as independently, and to use as additive to black or green tea. It will give to usual drink pronounced pleasant aroma. To accept in the first half of day, no more than 1 glass a day.

Weight 40 g.

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Tea "Sagan-Dayla" Adams's rhododendron

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