• "Shaman" figurine
    "Shaman" figurine "Shaman" figurine "Shaman" figurine

It is possible to tell much about Shamanism, this outlook of many people of our planet is an alternative to the main religions, this doctrine is studied not up to the end, is complete of secrets and mysticism. The central figure is the shaman or Kam on Altai. The shaman is a conductor between our "average" world live and the "lower" world of the dead. He communicates with spirits of the nature and the world around, they make selection and accompany him in travelings. During his rituals the shaman reproduces sounds of animals, communicates with spirits, and permanently strikes in a sacred tambourine, regulating the frequency of shocks. He has the gift of doctoring and anticipation. The Altai Shamanism is a part of more global system of Tengriism. The figurine "Acting shaman" is cut manually from a cedar - a tree, sacral in Altai. It is artificially made old and covered with protective solution. Such accessory will be fine to look on a desk or a shelf, will add ethnic color to your interior.

Size 10Х25Х3 cm.
Weight 200 g.

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"Shaman" figurine

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