How to make the order

1. You have to be registered on the website in a personal account (The personal account tab is in the top menu of the website). If you pass this step, then it will be offered to you to enter data for registration or pass without registration in further checkout process. We pay your attention that personal data and the address will be necessary for timely and correct delivery of the goods chosen by you.
2. You have to choose goods you like and their quantity, put them in cart by means of the "Add to Cart" button. In the cart page when you decide on quantity and types of goods press the "Checkout" button. At this stage it will be offered to you to be registered or continue of purchase without registration. After introduction of payment information and the shipping address it will be necessary to choose a way of shipping and a method of payment. Also you can specify the comment to your order, for example, preferable date of sending or something else.
3. After passing of all stages of the checkout you will receive the notice on the e-mail address specified by you with full information on your order. You can coordinate any additional nuances directly with the staff of the "Souvenirs of Mountain Altai" company by tel.: +7(962) 582 73 05. Processing of the order takes up to 5 working days.
4. For return of goods you will need to fill the form having followed the link "Returns" and to contact the manager of the store.
5. For wholesale buyers the system of discounts and bonuses works, for specification of details you will need to contact directly the manager of the store having called by phone or having used a feedback form.