LLC "Transsib"

The limited liability company is producer of dietary supplements to a nutrition and also the cosmetics made of natural, environmentally friendly raw materials collected in the territory of the Russian and Mongolian Altai. These places still remain in original state, in the distance from larger industrial centers and the cities that allows to keep all useful properties and qualities of the raw materials extracted here.

Valery Ivanovich tells about the activity so: "Altai Republic, perhaps, the most beautiful place in Russia, here clean air, water, the earth, beautiful people. The absence in this place of the large industrial enterprises allows to prepare environmentally friendly raw materials for production of dietary supplements, cosmetics with the revitalizing effect. Together with the Moscow Research and production medical center "IVA" we managed to develop a line of the drugs "Phoenix", it, first of all mummies and also fir and stone oil. Properties of these natural substances are known since ancient times and are used generally in the Tibetan, Indian medicine. We offer the production not only to Russians, but our friends from neighboring countries: Mongolia, China, India, Kazakhstan, Germany. Thanks to participation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Altai Republic recently our product activly participates in various exhibitions abroad at which we already found a series of partners. The fair exhibition in the Chinese city of Kektokay where our production drew great attention of visitors of a fair became one of important events for us.

Each gram of production made by us contains the vivifying force of Altai Mountains, waters, air, it will help you to feel more young and full of strength for conquest of new vital tops!".

The CEO of NPMTs "IVA" - the famous scientist, professor of traditional medicine, the leading expert in the direction a naturoterapy, the full member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences and the European Academy of Informatization, the member correspondent. The Russian Academy of medico-technical science and the International Baltic pedagogical academy, Candidate of Technical Sciences, the first Vice-president of RANM — the Russian Association of Traditional Medicine, Pavel Alekseyevich Zakharov.

Under its management the modern technique of diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the person of "EKSI" which allows to establish a cause of illness with the highest accuracy, prerequisites of its development was framed and introduced in practical activities and to choose the most effective methods of improvement.

In the scientific and practical activities the medical center "IVA" cooperates with leading experts and research centers of Russia and abroad. One of activities of the Center is production in modern practice of drugs whose action is based on properties of natural components.

So, among the last scientific developments of the Center there is a dietary supplement to a nutrition "Mumiyo Phoenix made together with LLC Transsib from Altai Republic.

In this project the medical center "IVA" also keeps the scientific analysis and researches in the field of development of new effective techniques of use mummy Phoenix in hospitals, treatment and prevention facilities and house conditions, reviving thousand-year traditions and prescriptions of the Ancient East.


Shilajit "Phoenix"

Shilajit "Phoenix"

Shilajit "Phoenix" is dietary supplement which is used for prophylaxis and treatment of many di..


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